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Updated: March 2020.
At Alanic, we’re committed to be a brand for all. In that pursuit, we work hard to make our website content accessible and user-friendly for everyone; any recommendations and complaints in regards to that are considered seriously. In case if you have difficulty in viewing or navigating this website – or any of the other web properties of Alanic – kindly get in touch with our customer service team. You can email us at; you can even call us at 1-855-525-2642. Use “Disable Access” as the Subject line when you’re emailing. Similarly, if you notice any content, feature or functionality on the website that might be inadequately accessible to people with disabilities, let us know about that. We take such communication very seriously in our commitment to having stringent accessibility policies to accommodate all our customers. Additionally, while we do not control such vendors, we strongly encourage vendors of third-party digital content to provide content that is accessible and user friendly. For more information, kindly check our Terms and Conditions.

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