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2017 and Still Going Strong – The Magic of Activewear!

In April 2016, Bloomberg – a leading publication – made a pun-filled claim that “Activewear is getting overstretch”, wondering if this trend of casual wears has run its course. Five months forward, Forbes published an article claiming that the Athleisure movement is here to stay.

Keeping aside the opinions of respective authors, facts and figures successfully highlight where this market is and where it is heading. Estimated to be of $44 billion worth in size in the US alone, the activewear market outgrew the overall apparel sales in 2015 by a significant 14 percent (YoY) margin. In 2007, the sale of women and men’s activewear was $197 billion – it is predicted to cross the $350 billion mark by 2020.

Men – The Largest Consumers of Activewear

Unsurprisingly, at large, with the obsession to stay in comfy wears, at home or anywhere for that matter, men are the largest consumers of activewear— or so the countless survey suggests. This was further pushed to its extreme end when top celebrities and model proudly vouched for such casuals, hitting pubs, airport and malls in hoodies and joggers.

Added to this delight were few of the top brands like Alanic Activewear who took to the latest developments and fashion shifts to manufacture a wide variety of high-quality, uber stylish and, most importantly, affordable activewear – ensuring the apparels have mass appeal, right from teenagers to dads.

The craze for the casuals, among women, shouldn’t be ignored either. While what once was a stay-at-home staple and for workouts, leggings and running t-shirts became a part of their regular fashion statement.

Are You in Clothing Business?

Today, as it stands, there exists an ocean of activewear apparels, beaming with more-than-ask-for casual and exuberant varieties for both women and men. If you’re into clothing business, the mantra is quite simple – adapt or perish. Regardless your niche, with the market prediction liked mentioned above, it is imperative to stack activewear or Athleisure in your wholesale collection. Take hands of the right manufacturer and join this never-stopping bandwagon.

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