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4 Fitness-Fashion Trends That Every Man and Woman Should Follow in 2018

So another year is coming to an end! Time flies really fast. 2018 is on the door and we have to welcome it. With lots of predictions to make and lots of expectations alit in our hearts, here are four fitness fashion trends 2018, at least the ones we can expect. Want to know what they are? Here is a list.

Peppy colors and artful prints for women

If one of the things has remained constant all these years, it has been the ability of the enthusiasts to put forth colors from the spectrum that is truly impressive. 2018 is not going to be any different from its predecessors. Peppy colors that are bright and stand out on their own will be the talk of the town. This will be further heightened by the use of artful prints and patterns. Abstract geometry and diagonal stripes are going to finally find home in the fitness inspired clothes. And guess what, women will not get enough of it!

More peppy colors and artful prints for men

While women will be under the spotlight for showcasing the best of the colors, men won’t be left far behind. They will be ruling the scene too with their feisty color coordination. Expect t-shirts and pants in the most vibrant shades and textures. These will add to the overall appeal. Unlike their opposite gender however, men will be using the darker hues to play with. The prints might be inclining on the same side of the artfulness; there will be checks as well.

Tracksuits for both

Tracksuits are totally in and they will be so the next year as well. There is no denying how comfortable they are, thus making them the perfect go –to gym pick. The jacket and the trousers will be used separately as well, but the set together will make record selling break with the fashion forward crowd of today. The playful colors will be included conspicuously that will further heighten their appeal. The fit will become more relaxing whereas there will be a shift to using technical fabrics to construct the suits. As the name suggests, technical fabric is more technical in nature which means that it will not only wick moisture but also dry off fast. It will be breathable and stretchable as well. In short, fulfilling all the technical stuff. But tracksuits, yes, they will be definitely in.

Wearable technology at its best

While most of us have been fixated with the latest clothing trends, we have actually forgotten that there are other things as well that can be worn. Gadgets. Yes, wearable technology will be on a rise. It is already popular now, but it is going to reach the higher levels of success with more and more people investing in it. Tech savvy geeks are going to have a blast. From digital watches to heart bands, arm holders to headphones, technology will comprise an important part of fashion. So expect more of those digital tales in your gym sessions.

2018 is going to be a crazy ride. Fashion will take a turn like never seen before. While some will enjoy it, some will despise it with their core, but everyone will surely talk about the trends. As more and more people join the fitness bandwagon, the industry is going to get bigger. The fitness fashion 2018 mentioned here are only a part of the small fraction that is expected to happen. To know more, keep an eye on this space. Retailers are constantly updating their inventory to keep you informed about the latest trends. Discounts are offers are also levied on purchase.

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