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4 Tips on How to Avoid Common Fitness Wardrobe Malfunctions

If you aren’t careful about choosing the right workout gear, you could be at risk of a wardrobe malfunction. It’s all well and good if you workout at home, but what if you regularly visit the gym or participate in sports? No one wants to experience this kind of mishap, which is why it’s fortunate we have a few tips on how to avoid just that!

Mind the Fabric

Other than size, an important factor to consider for your fitness clothes is the quality of fabric. For instance, if your thighs rub together frequently during workouts, the fabric may chafe if it’s not ideal for gym use. In Alanic’s article, Choosing the Perfect Activewear and Workout Clothes,” it was stated that one should avoid fabrics that don’t breathe well. This means seeking out clothes made of polypropylene or cotton which, incidentally, can also help you move comfortably without worrying about wear and tear.

Do the Stretch Test

It’s important to try gym clothing first. At first glance, an item may look to be of good quality, but it can be a different story when you’re actually working out. Try transforming the dressing room into your personal gym for a few minutes, just to get a feel for how elastic or durable the clothes may be, lest you buy them only to find out they might tear when you make a big stretch or a sudden movement to perfect your workout poses.

If this seems over-cautious, you might consider the infamous event when a jockey named Blake Shinn had his pants come loose during a professional horse race in Australia. This was not simply a casual backyard horseback ride. People will skip work to go to races, check in with the most up-to-date tips on betting scenarios, and even dress up for the events. All eyes are on the horses, and by extension the jockeys, which illustrates just how catastrophic a wardrobe like Shinn’s can be in the worst of circumstances. Now, not all of us are professional jockeys – but the idea is that if you’re going to be using your athletic clothing in front of people, you should be extra careful to get clothes that can stand up to your activity!

Ditch the Old Activewear

Your seven-year-old workout pants may also one day be the cause of an awkward ripping situation at the gym. Here we don’t have a convenient example regarding a professional athlete, but if anything that’s because this sort of wardrobe malfunction happens all the time, all around us! While old, thoroughly used activewear can be somewhat loose, it can also be weak and ready to tear at the slightest snag. The Spruce advises that when clothes have a musty smell or have not been worn in over the year, it’s a sign to retire them.

That said, wardrobe malfunctions aside, it’s also inadvisable to wear brand new workout clothes for any kind of rigorous athletic event, especially if you’re a runner. Sports or fitness attire that hasn’t been tested or broken in yet may cause you discomfort, and since you have to focus on nailing that routine or finishing the competition, you can’t afford that kind of hindrance.

Work Out at Home

Consider working out at home first before debuting your new workout clothes at the gym. This way, you can gauge if they feel comfortable on your body while you’re doing your usual fitness routine, and on the off chance you purchased clothing that’s going to rip right away, you’ll at least get over with it at home (and possibly be able to return the clothes). Also, as an added bonus, you can get a feel for where visible sweat stains will appear! It can be an embarrassing sight if they manifest in awkward places, so if you’re self-conscious about it, you’ll at least have given yourself a heads-up!

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