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4 Yoga Pants That Should Definitely Adorn Your Wardrobe in 2017!

Okay, let us all be honest with each other! We all love yoga pants. If yoga pants were not non-living being, we all would profess our love for it. They are comfortable and they are relaxing. And the best part about it, they are not just limited to the yogis and the workout freaks, everyone can enjoy their time in yoga pants.

Do they only look good and serve as a practical piece to wear during the workout regimes? Well, the answer is absolutely not. They are far more than just being limited within the four walls of gym. They are now a fashion statement. From wearing these relaxed pairs to the office to gatherings with friends, yoga pants are the new ‘in’ and will stay here. So without wasting any more time, here is a list of the types of yoga pants that you can and must indulge into this New Year.


The hatha yoga pants

The best thing about a pair of hatha yoga pants, apart from the fact that they look extremely stylish, is that they retain their shape even after repeated use. From smaller sizes to large, they are varied in their design. They come in an array of shades and textures that include unique hues of wine, turquoise and lemon green. The prints and patterns adorning them are also very vast that only makes them a perfect pick. Their good quality make makes them perfect for a hot and beneficial session of hatha yoga.

Is it in? Is it put?

The title has probably gotten you confused but the reversible yoga pants that are available nowadays are a piece which justifies the love we all have for them. It is an understatement to say that we are obsessed, because what we have for a pair of reversible pants is too pure to apply words to it. They are perfect for a variety of sports, which is definitely not limited to yoga. While one side may come in a solid colour, the other may surprise you with a quirky pattern or a print. (There is no kidding about it!) The use of superior quality materials make them extremely flattering, for days!

Shine high and shine bright

Just imagine walking in your yoga class wearing a pair of glittery yoga pants! Yes, that may sound weird but if anything they are playful to the least. The juxtaposition of the classy prints with frisky colours that are splashed here and there, only adds to the overall practical design of the pair. From conventional black and silver to quirky white and gold, they are available in abundance. The glitter yoga pants are light in weight and durable in their finish, making their pick noteworthy.

Champion of champions: solid yoga pants

Red, blue, grey, pink, green and the list goes on! Yoga pants in solid colours are and will always be the ultimate choice for women who are at least a wee bit obsessed with fitness and fashion. They are crafted from superior quality materials that ensure to keep you at ease when things become intense. They are so soft that being comfortable in them is just a quality that they boast of. Though they come without any embellishments, they have an edgy finish that makes them not so boring at all.

With an inventory that ranges from yoga jackets to tops, there are a number of reputed retailers who have made these spectacular pants available to you. They are accessible at really affordable prices and will only accentuate your wardrobe collection.

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