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5 On-Spot Jacket Trends To Update Your Closet With

Fall is here and “winter is coming”! You are scavenging through your closet and wait; you have your old outerwear ready. But why? Please ask yourself this question and come up with an honest answer that is convincing enough. Bomber jackets are not old, but you have been wearing it all through last year. The sheer sense of mundaneness should inspire you to update your jacket closet.

If you are still not convinced, then give the following points a read. Here is summarized a list of five jackets that are hot right now. You should have them, Period! But to make it easy for you to choose, keep reading.

Tracksuit Jackets

Over the last few years, tracksuit jackets have made sartorial examples of how one piece can work well for everything. Literally, every occasion! The key to wearing it right is to not ponder over it, but just put it on. Whether you are wearing it in a set or individually over your casual choice of clothes, tracksuit jacket always find a way to impress. The functional qualities of a tracksuit jacket include keeping you warm, act as the perfect layering option and balancing body temperature. Now, why wouldn’t you have it in your wardrobe again?

Corduroy Jackets

Wait, if you don’t know it already, then it is time for you to pay attention. Expect corduroy to be the new everything. Corduroy jackets have waited long for their turn, and now, they are going to utilize it completely by taking over the fashion circuit. While we all know that corduroy is a thing from the 70s, combining them with the 90s shearling has resulted in the creation of something spectacular. It is not outdated; trust the trend, it is not. The only reason is the jackets’ availability in modernistic hues like maroon and tan. Team them with your casual attire and make a difference in the (fashion) world.

Velvet Jackets

Very 1970s and 1980s in approach, but velvet jackets are back in the circuit and have no intentions of going anywhere, anytime soon. As many enthusiasts have pointed out the extreme fancy appeal of velvet jackets, suited perfectly for black tie affairs, but when the basic design is amalgamated with colors like saffron, ruby, and maroon, they can be introduced to your formal wardrobe as well. Your simple combination of a shirt and trousers is enhanced ten-folds by simply adding the jacket on top. And the good news, you don’t even have to put too much effort into getting the perfect appearance.

Leather Jackets

Okay, leather jackets are not new on the block, but every season, we renew our love for them because, well, its leather jacket. There is sentiment involved when it comes to this version of the outerwear, and it is this same sentiment which makes us want to wear it, over and over again. Though a lot of variations and tweaks have been made to the original style, the basic one, in all its charm and glory can’t be avoided. Pick one in tan, brown or black (the original shades only) and throw it over any attire, you know you are good to go.

Fur Hoodies

A faux fur hoodie is the kind of jacket that you would never want to take off. The ease of a hoodie combined with the softness of fur is comfort redefined. Where in the functional aspects of the hoodies are maintained at large, it is the chic appeal which gives the fur hoodies an upper hand over the others. Designers have updated the jackets using a wide range of bright colors like brown, yellow, buddle gum pink, tangerine orange and much more to have them at the epitome of classic outerwear fashion. Throw one over track pants and sneakers to look exceptionally elegant. But the ideal occasion to wear this? This one hoodie works fine for an errand run as well as a night out with friends.

Are you still pondering over which one to choose? And why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? Get your favourite jackets from the list that is available with the top retailers. Priced affordably, make your colder months warm and snug and stylish, all at the same time. Massive festive season discounts are also available on them!

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