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5 Stylish Jackets for Men That Were Designed To Beat The Cold Weather

There are two things that are common for the winter season- you need to keep the cold out, and second, you need to keep the cold out. With all the weather change and rapidly dropping temperatures, you have to keep yourself warm. But wait, what about the style quotient? That is important too. So balancing warmth and style, here is a list of five jackets that every man needs in their wardrobe. They will beat the cold and they will turn heads in appreciation. So read on.

The camel trench coat

If you are a man of stature (not size though) and want your winter to make a bigger statement than traditional blue, black and grey, a camel trench coat is what you should be looking at. Portraying all the functional qualities of a trench coat- so you get warmth and snug- the fashionable appeal of the subtle tone of the camel is simply enthralling. It perfectly contrasts a dark suit, it works well over layers and can add to your elegance even in when you are dawning something as simple as a jeans and t-shirt.

The grey oversized coat

Okay, grey is the color of the season, so no arguing on that. And to move over to an oversized coat, why not man? A classic overcoat is the latest need in a modern man’s wardrobe. Long and loose, the simple aesthetics of the jacket lends a mysterious touch to the overall appeal. Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, you still look classy and handsome under this grey fashionable piece. Also, luckily, the extra length cares about some extra warmth. Now that is a win-win.

The technical black parka

The technical parka has always been the primary choice for the more adventurous souls, but right now it is having a moment in the men’s outerwear department. The term technical itself boosts the case of the hooded parka. Most enthusiasts have started pairing this technical jacket with suits and other forms of tailoring, which has further elevated its position from the weekend cruisers to an all-time piece. For the classic mod style, black is incorporated in large amount. You may also find the use of fur on the hood for that extra bit of warmth.

The blue slim quilted jacket

A quilted jacket is more useful than you credit it for. As Mother Nature decides to unleash everything, this quilted jacket will protect you. The warmth it provides is truly unrivaled and outstanding. You wear it while walking your dog or even to a meeting, when going for a run or getting a cup of coffee, a slim quilted jacket always works well. As for the shade of blue, it adds a texture to the overall design of the jacket. When the temperature drops, layer in beneath your suit jacket to give this extra bit of class.

The textured shearling coat

A few seasons back, shearling made an appearance and decided to stick here for some time. And now when its market is saturated (thanks to the overexcited enthusiasts), you must own one to have your winter look completed. The bad boy of the 70s has returned with many tweaks, but the luxe remains the same. They are not as bulky as their predecessors, but the feel of it creates an air of nostalgia. The textured finish adds to the overall appeal. Bonus points, they last forever, like really forever.

Thus, this winter, give the weather some serious competition with these highly technical but supremely designed jackets for men. The outerwear is available with the best retailers in the industry. They are cheap and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Make a purchase today and fill your winter with an extra dose of drama.

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