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5 Yoga Clothing Rules for Woman Who are Obsessed with Fitness and Fashion!

When it comes to dressing for a yoga class, most of us are confused. The result of combining a few clothing pieces together can either be spectacular or just horrendous. So which are you rooting for?

Combining the correct clothes when going for a yoga session is of utmost importance. There has to be a perfect equilibrium between comfort and fashion. That is the right way to go about for an intense regime. With stylists having designed a variety of clothes particularly for yoga, there is no end to it. But again, is it just the overall look of the cloth that matters? The fabric is an important facet to consider. We all know that dressing for yoga can get a bit tricky. Thus, helping you make a flawless pick for a yoga class by considering all the aspects, here listed below is a number of fashion approved rules to follow during the session, without looking ostentatious.

#Rule 1: Pick The Correct Clothes

Out of the plethora of the clothes that are available, a sports bra with medium compression and a pair of gym leggings for easy movement are exactly what you should be looking for. If you are not up to show skin, then a tank top can be a great pick as well. Both portions of the ensemble should not constrict your movement, allowing you to move with ease. Since a lot of stretching and bending is going to be involved, there is a need that the clothes should provide full support and coverage. (Unless you want some embarrassing moments to haunt your memory!)

#Rule 2: The Fabric Matters

Neither cotton nor polyester alone can help you get what you are looking for. The key is to blend them in perfect proportions. Cotton lends an easy touch on the skin whereas polyester is great at soaking sweat and keeping the cloth moist free. When intermingled together, the cloth sure comes out as a winner, enhancing your performance by volumes.

#Rule 3: No Flashy Business

Steer clear of any kind of flashy prints and textures. In fact keep those funky pairs and tees for casual gatherings with friends, but when in the yoga class, try to go for sober clothes. Black and navy can be your go-to colours for they create a perfect illusion, saving you from any embarrassment. (You don’t really want the sweat patches to bother you!) Patterns can be simple and humble for that will help you make a lasting impression.

#Rule 4: Mind The Fit

This should go without saying, but the fit of your clothes is really pivotal. Loose clothes are a no-no for suppose when doing a headstand, you really wouldn’t want your t-shirt to slip up and give people an eyeful. Tight clothes will become an obstruction for your movement, thus making you sore and itchy. Thus, be careful of the fit of the clothes you are wearing for they are a really important factor to consider when it comes to your performance.

#Rule 5: You are Your Master!

As long as yoga goes, it is an experience of a lifetime. It enriches the body, mind and soul forming a perfect connection between the three. Yoga offers a lot of benefits and to understand it completely, you have to give yourself completely. It is not about the clothes you wear or the asanas you do, but how much you enjoy yourself. You may or may not master a particular position, but you if feel the moves changing you from within, then it is a win-win situation for you.

So follow the guidelines when it comes to wearing the clothes and make your session fun-filled. Top manufacturers have a number of products available that include sports bra, leggings, outerwear and much more. Interested retailers can take a look at the vast catalogue by registering with them online. Discounts are available when a bulk purchase is made!

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