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The 6 Workout Leggings Pieces That’ll Make You Look Like a Rare Gem Everywhere

Have you even thought of not owning the leggings being a fitness freak? Well, the leggings are the most versatile closet staple that women can find nowadays. From the Instagram accounts of the fitness conscious people to celebs, to the bloggers who are pushing people to embrace the leggings, there is no way you can stay away from them. There are a number of leggings that are available in the retail stores these days, from the mesh to the sublimated, the warm ones and much more that can suit different requirements of yours. You might shy away from wearing the leggings to the office, but to your amazement, they can easily replace your formal trousers and bring in a novel style stance within you, completely out of the box.

The leggings are sleek and can be worn with any footwear options too, from statement making boots to the pretty kicks and sandals. So, if you’re ready to give the office athleisure look a try, you have to be confident enough to rock a number of silhouettes. Apart from having multiple varieties, the biggest craze about the workout leggings is the comfort level they offer. These are made from the perfect blend of authentic synthetic fabrics that vouch on flexibility, moisture wicking properties and convenience.

Here are some of the fitness leggings that will make you look like the ultimate fashionista of the town.

The Flame Patterned Printed Leggings

Do you want to try something bright and funky apart from the same old and boring neutral shaded leggings? Time to break the stereotypes and try out the orange and yellow flame patterned vibrant pair of leggings, crafted out of cutting edge sublimation printing technique. The leggings style is for the women who love to rock the colorful clothing pieces with confidence, be it at the gym or for the weekend errands. This flame patterned colorful leggings style can be flawlessly worn with the dark colored tops and tees or even with the fancy tunics for the party scenes.

The Flame Patterned Printed Leggings by Alanic Activewear

Grey Stripped Yoga Leggings

The muted grey stripped yoga leggings come with a high waist silhouette, and must be worn to anywhere you want to look low key and simple. This grey and white intricately striped leggings come in a casual and very plain affair, though versatile, enough to be worn with any colored clothing counterpart. No matter how you might love wearing the preppy and bright workout clothing pieces, make sure you also own the neutral shaded ones. Also, this pair is the ultimate choice for women who want to experiment with leggings at workplace.

The Grey Stripped Yoga Leggings by Alanic Activewear

Jet Black Fitness Leggings

No matter how your leggings collection looks like you cannot deny the fact that your closet is incomplete without the jet black fitness leggings. This pair of all-rounder closet staple is a must have, and can be worn as both fitness items and casual trouser. It can be worn with the suited look at office, with tank tops at the casual gym days, with denim shirts at airport, and also with the fancy tops at parties.


Women’s Leopard Printed Leggings

The women’s leopard printed leggings is the newest entry into the fitness clothing arena, that defined retro magic with the animal printed style statement. The classic leopard prints are back, and the women are carrying them through different outfits with confidence. This pair of printed leggings come in a sleek demeanour, in cream and dark chocolate brown color.

The Leopard Patterned Printed Leggings by Alanic Activewear

Women’s Bright Pink Black and Dark Blue Leggings

If you want to come out of the monotonous plain colored leggings, it is the season to go all trendy and chic in the Women’s Bright Pink Black and Dark Blue Leggings that helps you to pull off a very smart look, epically to the parties. With sleek cut and high waist structure, this one helps to flaunt your toned legs, and reflect a very poised silhouette.

The Bright Pink Black and Dark Blue Leggings by Alanic Activewear

Light Sky Printed Sport Leggings

For the athletic inspired outfit combo or purely to strut in style at the gym, you must bank on this light sky printed leggings that come with the contrasting dark blue border. The modish verve comes from the use of subtle colors, whereas the stretchable fabric adds to your comfort level.

The Light Sky Printed Sport Leggings by Alanic Activewear

Thus, time to bank on the best leggings from the retail stores and rock your casual days.

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