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How The Activewear Industry Has Affected Three Popular Fitness Trends in 2017

The revolution that took place in the activewear industry started roughly five years back. The explosive growth has risen to that intensity where the sales of normal clothes have gone down by significant numbers. The sportswear growth has been to a staggering 6%, which is much higher than any average product.

The term fitness fashion has grown to such an extent that if you take a look around your block right now, you will find ample of evidence supporting the cause. Millennial crowds are in love with athletic clothes that balance out both comfort and fashion. This trend is called the athleisure, where the subtle line dividing the casual and athletic clothes has disintegrated and they all have become the same.

The need to become fit and healthy has actively contributed to the growth as well. With fitness experts having easy access to the internet, and people having easy access to the internet, they have come close to each other, when only a click can open the world of hale and hearty life. And no longer are the enthusiasts ready to work out wearing clothes that ask them to sacrifice more than they can offer.

The ubiquitous presence of the athleisure clothes has proved that the growth of the activewear industry is not going to stop. Not anytime soon.

Another pattern noticed in this growth has been its impact on different fitness trends. For instance, yoga pants which are particularly designed for yoga classes have become a hit.

So here is taking a glance at the three most popular fitness trends- running, gym and yoga; and how the growth of the activewear industry has impacted them.

Gym: Cardio and much more

When we take a look at the gym scenes, we are essentially talking about blending different fitness regimes together. From cardio to weight lifting, they all form a part of the scenario. Thus, the newer versions of gym clothing have developed around the need to fit the entire requirement in one piece. T-shirts are now constructed using stretchable materials which mean they not only fit the form but expand when required to (you can throw over a casual shirt or a bomber jacket very easily). Joggers are a great example of an athleisure trend in the gym as they are a cross between the more comfortable leggings and stylish harem pants. For women, the numbers of options are even more varied with leggings and capris and tank tops, which can be incorporated with casual attire seamlessly.

Yoga: Finding symmetry between mind, body, soul and clothes

Yoga has been around for centuries, but it was only recently that the ideal yoga clothing for them had been introduced. Yoga leggings as mentioned earlier are proof that this age-old fitness trend has not been exclusive of the growth, the change. Since movement is a major factor that yoga of different kinds infuses, tank tops allowing swift movement and yoga pants have been the most popular outfits. Throwing over a timeless piece like a leather jacket or a trench coat adds to the look without much effort. As for the men, yoga clothes are in congruence with the gym clothes- the good old t-shirt and joggers.

Running: Marathon to cloth-a-thon

One of the biggest contributions of the activewear industry has been towards running clothing. Both for men and women, the upgrade has been remarkable. While for men, technical shorts were the biggest achievement, women got a plethora of sports bra in a variety of designs. The practicality of these pieces has been balanced well with versatility, giving everyone something they wanted. Using fabrics that wick sweat and keeps you dry is all that everyone was looking for. And the biggest advantage has been, they don’t stink so you can wear them as individual pieces after the regime as well. So it is a win-win situation.

On that note, the profit from the activewear industry is expected to reach a billion dollars in 2020. The number is staggering. With retailers having them all displayed in their catalogue, you can quench your thirst of getting everything you desire. They are available in a variety of shades and textures further adding to their overall look. Get the best of it at a price which is affordable. It is an investment of long-term!

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