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Athleisure Rules Women Should Abide By For Making Fashion Statements

Athleisure is a trend that everyone is currently talking about. A major talking point of the modern women, athleisure is considered to be the go-to-style of many. It is one of the easiest outfits to style ranging from gym wear to casual wear to lounge wear you name it and a top-rated online store in USA can cater to your needs, seamlessly. But like every other trend, there are some rules that needs to be followed if you don’t want to create a fashion faux pass. Below given in this blog are a few essentials rules women should keep in mind while wearing the eclectic sporty outfits.

Follow the seasonal trends

Almost like two years back, the fitness department did not have a swirl of trends that kept the fitness lovers occupied. It used to be all monochromatic ranging in colors like black, greys and whites. Now things have started to change, and the outfit styles have gradually floated towards the seasonal sector. Last year mesh panels were huge but currently bold prints and patterns are ruling the fashion charts when it comes to nailing the athleisure style.

Invest in both style and function

Whenever you purchase an athleisure clothing piece, remember that it should perform the dual role of fashion and function. As much as it will help you keep the sweat at bay while working out it must also make you look distinctive and effortless while you’re out on the road. For e.g. fitness jacket made of a light breathable material on the inside with the camo print on the outside.

Accessorize properly

Proper accessories will help you to transform your clothing from the gym to the streets. The whole point of the outfit should be to elevate and create a sporty look. If you’re wearing a tank top and leggings to the gym, then you can nicely team up a fringe jacket and reflective sunglasses to amplify the whole look. Don’t ever think of pairing vintage or girly pieces because it will make you look disastrous.

Play safe with neutrals

Sometimes bold colors or patterns does not appeal to people of a specific age group. There are even instances when some people cannot carry these trendy looks smartly. Therefore, in these cases, the tried and tested neutrals come to your rescue. Neutrals or muted tones are not just safe to carry but are quite versatile as well. To accustom to the basic prints, one can start with geometric prints and gradually move to more elaborate and complicated ones.

Dress for the right place

Dressing appropriately for an occasion is really very important .Don’t try to wear athleisure to formal dinners or weddings because it will be plain weird. In spite of the fact that it is extremely comfortable and makes you look uber stylish, make sure to team up accordingly. Music festivals, road trips or even weekend brunch with friends are the place to dress for.

Don’t go overboard

Overdressing is one of the common problems faced by many when they opt for athletic wear. For the sake of dressing up, they end up adding too many pieces with the whole shoes, bags and jewelry combination. You have to let the clothes do the talking while the accessories must carry out the complementing task as these are meant to be. Color complement the whole look so as to elevate the value of the outfit!

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