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Athleisure Shorts and How They Became the Trousers of 2018

Trousers have always been a staple when it comes to day wear throughout the world. Its looked-down-upon sibling has long been addressed as the home mate, confined within the boundaries of our comfort zones.

However, as is the case with any karmic calling, this loyal best friend of ours has finally met its match with the athleisure trend.

From being hailed by celebrities as their wear of choice for the coming summer, shorts have become more of a rage than it ever was before.

They now come in more variants, lengths, colors, and prints – simply making them a must have for fashion enthusiasts this summer! Here’s a look at a few that have really taken off!

Side striped soccer shorts

Available in monochrome colors, and contrast stripes at the side, these shorts have been soccer players’ staple jersey for years. Now finding its way into the wardrobe of men and women alike, they fit sparingly in the thigh region!

Good for people with toned lower bodies, it shows just the right amount of skin needed to ward off the summer heat waves. These are made from all kinds materials including spandex, cotton, and Lycra, making it quite a comfortable exercise wear.

Fashion as never gotten so cool and casual ever before!

Basketball Bermuda shorts

Dropping a little below the knee, these shorts are for a little more casual meets street affair.

Forming an attractive silhouette in an avant-garde way, it looks good on both men and women when paired with the right kind of sneakers and tops. Since these bottoms are a bit heavy, something lighter on the top, like a crop blouse, would do fashion wonders in this summer, even with no beach around!

Some of these even come with vari mid leather patches to give a different texture and add a different fashion dynamic to an otherwise street staple.


Combining shorts and skirts, this one brings comfort and style together in its beautiful love child. It makes women appear stylish outdoors or in court and yet keeps things easy breezy with fitted shorts underneath.

Available in monochromes, stripes, chequered and prints, they look excellent with contrasting fitted blouse underneath.

Also, they are really ergonomic for women’s outdoor sports like volleyball, workouts, running, and lawn tennis among others.

Boxing Shorts

Ending just above the knee, these elasticated on the hips and flowy below underneath shorts are the statement of the season.

Depending on the material and color, one can pair them with anything from high fashion tailored shirt to their favorite NFL and NBA jerseys. Wear them with dunk shoes outside and your fashion exuberance is going to soar on the pinnacle of the atmosphere.

With all these different styles and variation and many more to come, shorts have finally got the credit and acceptance they deserved.

At least for this summer, they probably are the Activewear apparel to bank on – so the Kardashians say; and, we don’t want to argue with them!

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