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Booming Activewear Market – Why Some Apparel Businesses Are Still Failing?

The sale of women and men’s activewear is expected to cross $350 billion mark by 2020. Other athletic apparel industry statistics, along with this one, highlight the same bright story – the craze for casual-cum-fitness wears isn’t fading anytime soon. Even with some market commentators and pundits, predicting the demise this segment pretty soon, activewear market analysis 2017 is stating just the opposite.

Forward this argument, the real question for many is why, even with the boom, many clothing business owners are failing to capitalize on the trend. The question is intriguing and runs beyond ‘they don’t have the right strategies.’

The Continuous Struggle of Retailers

“I find it really difficult to sell these casuals as compared to distinct fitness and fashion wears. I don’t know, maybe the lack of varieties is the reason or it’s just my pricing,” complains one retailer. “I really hope the sale picks up soon,” added another.

Admittedly, activewear market growth has been nothing but spectacular and that these apparels, at-large, boast mass appeal. The reasons why there are few retailers who are missing to bank on this development are fundamental. They aren’t something out of the box.

What Customers Want

Consumers still want quality at the very top. This is followed by the decent fashion value of the wears and then the price. This rule is quite evident in the success of Alanic – one of the topmost Athleisure wear brands.

Striking the perfect balance in the right proportion of quality, style and price, the company has managed to gain a massive portion of Athleisure market size. If you’re looking to buy in-trend, performance-enhancing, affordable joggers, tees, bras, leggings and more, Alanic stands true to its collection that’s already a favourite for thousands of online shoppers across the world.

Fix The Wrongs

So if you’re struggling to sell your activewear collection, take yourself out of the market hypes and find the right solutions. See where your collection is missing. Check up on your marketing and pricing strategy. Fix the hole in the funnel. Change your manufacturer, if needed. Read the fashion magazines, even if you hate it. The trend is too big to let go without making big profits off of it. Identify the wrongs and take actions.

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