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Coats With Goggles? Here Why With Cp Company

The root of all clothing is, of course, its utility factor. Animal hides are used to keep us warm and protected from the elements evolved over thousands of years to finely woven fabrics and designer jeans. What started with a loincloth went to two pieces of fabric stitched together and now we have some of the most opulent and decadent clothing known to mankind. Clothes no longer need to be entirely functional, most people’s wardrobes function almost exclusively as fashion statements besides maybe their winter coat or a rain jacket.

The clothing industry loves to be in an experimental mode when it comes to making clothing choices. The more the improvisation, the better it is to woo the wearers.

Are you having difficulty in understanding what I exactly mean? Well, in this article, I’ll be covering the topic on goggle coats.

These coats look like typical fall jackets when the hood is down, but when the hood is up, there is a pair of goggles built into the hood that the wearer can use as and when he desires. Typically, the goggles are lightweight enough to not be too cumbersome for the wearer.

What separates this as innovation as opposed to gimmick? Well, I’ll tell you:

Increased Visibility

Typically during conditions when you’d need a hoodie, it’d also be helpful to have some kind of eye protection. Nobody is going to carry around ski goggles and sunglasses are of no use during a thunderstorm. With a goggle coat, all you have to do is flip your hood up and secure the goggles around your eyes and you’ll be able to keep pesky raindrops out of your eyes, allowing you to keep moving forward to your desired destination or a shelter.

This is especially beneficial to cyclists who need a warm coat when they get caught in a fall or spring shower and need the increased visibility to get home safely.

Secure Your Hood In Place

During particularly violent windstorms, hoods have an aptitude for not staying securely where they should, requiring the wearer to either constantly hold the hood down or tighten the hood to sometimes uncomfortable lengths.

A goggle coat completely removes this need as when the goggles are over the face of the user, a much different kind of force is required to remove the hood from its place. Incoming wind will help the goggles & attached hood stay secure as opposed to brushing the hood back. There’s an added benefit to this as well- there’s more protection overall for the head, and also saves hair from becoming too wet. Overall, the hoodie is much more functional at its intended purpose of protecting the wearer from the elements.

The Wheel, Reinvented

This improvement over the typical hooded jacket design is not to be understated. The minimalist design of the goggles is wow and makes you a proactive thinker before trying weather conditions, prevail. Ultimately, anyone seeking to increase the functionality of their wardrobe while maintaining their aesthetic of choice will be well served by a goggle coat.

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