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Ensure That Your Yoga Pants Are Maintained Properly To Last For a Long Time

With time, we are gradually getting more and more inclined towards the functional, comfortable and stretchable yoga pants. They are not only worn by the fitness fanatics but also by other girls who do not practice yoga regularly. This fitness fashion wardrobe staple is universally and socially acceptable and to make the yoga pants last long in your closets, you must also wash them correctly and carry on a strict maintenance routine. You definitely wouldn’t want to wear your favorite pair of yoga pants in faded, distorted and shrank condition. Thus, while washing them, women must be extra careful so that neither the color nor the quality is damaged.

After you buy yoga pants online, you will have to make sure that they are washed according to the instructions given by the manufacturing brand on the label of the outfit. Though for your convenience, here are some tips to follow.

Don’t wash them with other clothes

It is better if you wash the yoga pants alone, without pushing them in the machine with other clothes as well. Associating them with other laundries like jeans, cotton essentials, or towels is strictly prohibited as the cotton fibers of the other clothes will produce lint and get attracted to the synthetic fabrics of the yoga pants. This will lead to the formation of little link balls on the body of the yoga pants and make them look and feel bad when you wear. Thus, wash them alone to maintain their quality. Also, to prevent any snags from rougher fabrics, you need to put the synthetic yoga pants with other synthetic clothes in the machine, and also be mindful of the zippers of the other clothes.

Be very gentle

It is absolutely okay to wash the yoga pants in the washing machine, but they should be washed in a gentle cycle and a lower final spin setting. High speed wringing will only make the fabric face too much abrasion or stretch inside the washer.

Choose a fine quality detergent

Instead of using too strong and a large quantity of detergent, you should pick something that is not toxic and also in required quantity just to remove the dirt and dust from the surface of the pants. Strong detergents in large quantities can cause the fabric t break down in color and quality. Also, all the detergents must be washed off properly from the surface of the yoga pants as the dry residue can cause skin infection when comes in touch with sweat or moisture.

Cold water is preferred

The synthetic materials that craft the yoga pants should not be washed with hot water, as that might be detrimental to their texture. Stick to cold water for cleaning them.

Skip fabric softeners

According to experts, the fabric softeners kill the high-tech pants’ wicking capabilities and hence don’t let them come in touch with these softeners.

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