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Fitness Clothing Is Having a Major Moment In Fashion With Dapper Style Ideas

Do you believe in living the fashion forward lifestyle, and wonder to always look cutting-edge? Then carrying the most prominent style statement at the fitness session is also equally important. Define your athletic and chic fashion definition while sweating out with the dapper fitness clothing trends, roped in from the leading retail store. The reputed designer brands are introducing the state of the art collections of activewear , from skimpy body hugging printed leggings, to the smart bomber jackets, funky sports bras, and much more to avail. These outfits are uber cool and equally comfortable with the best fit to help you flaunt your body assets with confidence and perfection.

These clothes can be worn to any casual outing or to work, from the parties to office meetings, or for the beach outings with poise. The entry of athletic inspired clothing pieces to the mainstream fashion scenario makes way for the popular athleisure trend. From Gigi Hadid, to Selena Gomez, or the Kardashian sisters, even the celebs are embracing this trend. Often seen in sports bras and leggings combo or in the tracksuits for the date nights, these celebs are helping the fashion forward women to take important style cues.

Here are some of the best style ideas to rock this trend.

Gym wear to street smart

The gym wear introduced by the brands are now capable to directly take you to the streets from the sweat out sessions. The skin fit leggings, with cropped tees, layered with sports jackets is one instance to help you in this. Go for the colorful patchwork tees, printed track pants, or strappy bras to give way to the best casual dressing ideas. Also, make sure you get them in blended fabrics, so that you can dry quickly after the hard- hitting sweating hours.

Nature inspired

It is time to take some cues from mother nature, and flaunt your love for her through your gym clothing styles. These clothes come in the form of eco-themed prints and patterns, the earthly tones, green shades, and intricate textures embodying nature and its components. Thus, bank on the outfits which comes in the colorful motifs of flowers, plants, butterflies, water bodies and much more. Something energetic to wear and feel!

Urban smartness and poise

The young fresh and high spirited colors and patterned outfits can be splurged on for some of the workout sessions, or when you want to carry athleisure to the casual outings. Pops of bright colors, geometric prints, digital motifs will help you deliver the eye-catching and high spirited ensembles. This kind of urban smartness and poise will take you to places, be it in the printed shiny leggings or color splashed hooded gym bra.

Preppy Boho vibes

The Boho vibes can only be reflected when you go for the activewear pieces which reflect the free spirit through hippie- inspired patterns and vibrant color palette. The saturated neons or the eccentric mixture of contrasting shades will define your Boho chic persona with poise and funk. Make sure to go for the chunkiest accessories like statement neckpieces and wristlets.

Innovative and out of the way

Want to go the offbeat way, and wear something very innovative and novel? The tech inspired fabrics will help you with this, and hence make sure to settle down for the seamless clothing pieces and compression garments. The mesh tank tees, the seamless bras and compressed pants will help you achieve something very different.

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