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Fitness Fashion Takes Golden Globes Inspiration: It is All Black

For years and till date, ladies from all around the world have looked up to the celebs in the tinsel town for inspiration. For an important event like Golden Globes, where the who’s who of Hollywood gathers to celebrate movies, it is the occasion everyone looks out for.

2018 was no different. On January 8th, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood gathered in The Beverly Hilton to celebrate another year of movie making. The theme was black and the appearances made by the ladies blew everyone’s mind off. The kind of variety brought onto the red carpet was spectacular and stunning. Certain cue was taken by the designers as well who are now trying to incorporate those little details into the fitness-fashion circuit.

As we all are aware of the fact that the fitness-fashion has shown the tendency of incorporating fitness clothes with fashion trends, this is no surprise that the black-motif of Golden Globes will make a massive impact on the same. Here is looking at three trends that have become an inspiration for the 2018 fitness clothing collection.

Black cropped jackets for all occasions

Jackets are an important piece of clothing when working out. They tend to balance the body temperature, preventing it from varying too much. But full body jackets are a thing of the past. It is the cropped variation that has popped up in Golden Globes and in the fitness clothing scenario. 2018 will be much about cropped jackets, wait, to correct the sentence, cropped jackets in black will make much of 2018. As seen on beauties like Gal Gadot, the design of a cropped jacket can include different things. Some can come with a cowl while others with a double lapel. It really doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they have a stylish appeal and work well for all occasions- from fitness classes to red carpet to be specific. Watch out for more!

Highlighted pants in black with embellishments

Black leggings and yoga pants are a favourite amongst the entire fitness enthusiast out there. There is a common love shared between them. And there are great reasons for the same. They hide sweat patches, they offer a slimming illusion and they look awesome on everyone. But taking inspiration from the likes of Dakota Johnson, Octavia Spencer, and many more beauties, embellishments will become a thing too. The black pants will be intricately but surely highlighted by metallic embellishments. Yes, they will tone down the shine a bit, but the appeal will remain classy and sassy all the same.

Deep plunging necklines

When the mother of dragons Emilia Clarke walked down the red carpet in a deep and plunging neckline, the fitness world was taking notes on how to incorporate that! But with sexy pieces such as bralettes and crop tops, plunging neckline incorporation seems pretty normal. It will be normal because these clothes will have them in abundance. It is sassy, to say the least and definitely ups the sex appeal. But if you consider the functional aspects, they are extremely breathable, too. So if something as sexy as a deep plunge can be comfortable to wear, we all ladies are total game. An added advantage, you can opt for something that shows off your back as well!

So, this year, make a fresh start. Don’t opt for the old mundane fitness clothes. Make a choice that is different, that is unique in its appeal. Golden Globes has given us much for the imagination that will be influencing us for the next few months. Let us make complete use of it by picking fitness-fashion clothes that capture the mood well.

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