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Picking Your Fashion Colors This Season from Oscar Red Carpet

The Oscars have made quite a buzz this year like it does every other year, and no one is surprised. This moving pictures extravaganza has been celebrating the best cinema and style all over the planet and with such panache.

While the cinema bit always has opinions that contradict each other as should be the case for the progress of any art form, the fashion bit is pretty much etched in stone. Either you had it or you didn’t; either it looked good or it didn’t!

This is pretty much the reality that is fashion!

And like the red carpet, it isn’t any different on the street, or the parties you visit, or in front of your friends. So, we decided to get help for you and while designer dresses cannot be worn on a regular basis, color selection is pretty universal.

If you followed their color choices this season which are becoming a fashion trend, you would definitely be in style – don’t you think?

Let’s get looking –

Cobalt Blue from Nicole Kidman’s Armani Prive Gown

A different shade of blue, this one looks a bit posh and shiny. It doesn’t get lost in a crowd of ice blues and sky blues; it’s darker, but not navy; it’s the blue of the season.

One could buy tees or polos in cobalt blue, and monochrome sublimation tees would look exceptionally good. Ladies could also wear them in black and cobalt blue in workout pants while guys can look for the color in compression wear.

For people who are a bit on the adventurous end, white can also be paired with the color, but you would have to know how to pull it off in style.

Hot Pink from Viola Davis’ Michael Kors Gown

Hot pink is definitely one of the colors this season and it isn’t just restricted to women. From hot pink men’s workout tees and compression wear, to every athleisure clothing women can wear, this color is invading every day fashion.

It is a bit of a bold choice for people who don’t feel comfortable in shades of pink, but now is the time to be bold. To try new things that you have never tried before and enjoy an age in fashion which has no color boundaries.

Chocolate Brown from Zendaya’s Giambattista Valli Dress

This color has always been a hot favorite even among regular athleisure fashion, and we aren’t here to change anything. Each and every fitness apparel can be found in this dark and classy shade and it looks good on people with a wheatish complexion, truly blenching like mocha and chocolate.

However, it’s pretty much a universal hue and with the right combination could become part of anyone’s daily wardrobe.

Timothee Chalamet’s White Berluti Tuxedo

Ivory white has and will always be a color of style, class, and regal attitude; whether you wear in a tux or a white workout tracksuit.

The very vulnerability of the color white to get dirty reveals the kind of perfect it is, with even the slightest deviation making it imperfect. It is the color or all seasons, but all white needs a certain appeal and bravado to be carried as enviously as the 22 years old Call Me by My Name star did. If you think you have it, this is definite something you should try!

These are the 4 colors that got showered and deserved the most accolades; also, they are here to stay this season.

Why are you still waiting? Find out a reputed Activewear retailer and order everything you would want in these colors. And, don’t forget to keep stylish!

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