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Seven Common Gym Wardrobe Mistakes To Avoid

Sometimes girls and women alike create a few fashion blunders regarding what they should wear and what they should not wear to the gym.

Sometimes it affects the performance of a person while working out as well. Therefore look through the below given tips in this blog to find out to ace your gym wardrobe and do your training flawlessly.

Cotton Clothes – a big no no!

While working out, moisture management is very important, and it is definitely not possible to achieve if you stick to those plain old cotton t-shirts. Training requires high-quality performance fabrics that are generally nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. Cotton makes you feel cold and clammy as it absorbs all the moisture from the body. Instead opt for those fabrics that are moisture wicking and helps in the progress of the overall workout.

Ditch the normal bra

Wearing your t-shirt bra to the gym won’t help you achieve the required body type. Instead it will wreak havoc with the muscles in your chest area leading to swelling, zits and inflammation. Wear sports bra that will provide you the overall comfort while working out. Another perk of it is that it gives your chest a proper shape and reduces sagging. Sports bra is available in various types like the padded sports bra, hooded sports bra etc.

Make up blunder

Even though it does not fall under the wardrobe category, but it is highly advisable to avoid make up to the gum. Since you will sweat a lot while training, hence make up will not only clog your pores but will also lead to a disastrous breakout on your face. You can apply a light moisturizer on your face to protect the skin, apart from that anything else is unwanted.

Sans jewelry

Another pro tip that you should always follow is do not wear any jewelry to the gym. Nothing can be worse than your earrings stuck to someone else’s t-shirt, your rings clanking with the weight- lifters or your bracelet loosing during your intensive training. Therefore, for the fear of losing or hurting yourself go sans jewelry when you’re at the gym.

Tested instead of experimental

Whenever you’re buying a workout clothing piece, always trial wear it to make sure that the fabric is not see through or feels uncomfortable on your skin. Nothing can be more embarrassing than doing your lunges and the fabric rips off from behind. Therefore, take some time to go through all the products, check the instructions and then buy it.

Hence the above given tips will definitely help you in deciding what to wear for the gym and what to ditch. You can also buy the required training wear from best online retailers at reasonable prices. Clothing for the gym should be safe and comfortable, you don’t have to create major fashion statements there.

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