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The 3 Types of Yoga Pants That Are Trending Right Now!

Yoga pants have become this multi utility clothing that is being used for everything from yoga workouts to regular outings outside. But, like all other fashion wear, yoga pants also come in different varieties and one must wear the right ones to the considered stylish. However, picking the right type of pant is easier said than done and to do so, people will need to know the different types of yoga pants that are trending right now. These trendy activewear options can be worn by yoga enthusiasts this season, whether it is for workouts or otherwise.

Here’s a look at the specimens that are winning hearts –

1.The Leggings Yoga pants

Probably the most famous type of yoga pants in the market today, this one is also used for strength training workouts, running workouts, and cross fit workouts. It has also become a staple for women and they wear to college lectures, and have made it a part of their regular day look. It can paired with anything, be it regular tees, sublimated tops, crop tops, or workout tees. Some even go the extra mile and wear with hoodies or flannel clothing that makes it look extremely cool.

2.Harem Yoga Pants

Harem Yoga pants are another very trendy variety of yoga pants that are doing the rounds in the market this season. It has a loose fit and look great when coupled with vests, Indian style yoga tops, and crop tops. Also, sometimes referred to as Kundalini yoga pants, these are specifically supposed to be used while practising Kundalini yoga. However, women all over the world use it as they please and pair according to their sense of style. If you too want to try yoga pants that are a bit different from what you are used to seeing, then this is it.

3.Flare Yoga Pants

Flare yoga pants have taken off in the style circuit fairly recently and have a bell bottom like fit that is very stylish, considering you are wearing it to the gym. It also gives a retro appeal to the whole fitness fashion thing that you follow and makes it stand out in a crowd. Offering plenty of flexibility and functionality to your workout, these flare pants are definitely something to look out for this season. You could pair it up with all kinds of tees although it is advisable that you go for something fitted to balance the flared look of the yoga pants.

These 3 type of yoga pants are definitely going to raise fire in retail stacks this coming summer season. A good tip for people who are interested to buy any of these: get your yoga pants online from a well-known activewear brand in USA. Now that you know what to pick for your power yoga classes this summer, don’t wait anymore! Head to retailers before stocks finish!

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