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The Celebs Tell You The Right Gym Clothes to Wear While Working Out

To make sure that you are taking care of how you look and feel at the gym, you have to master the art of styling the activewear at the gym sessions. This includes everything from the eight cut, to the flattering silhouette, and the most comfortable fabric. Sometimes you mind end up getting confused on how to get the perfect looks at the gym and utmost convenience, and for this the celebs always come to your rescue unknowingly. Yes, hitting the gym regularly matters a lot to them, and they never leave a chance to do that with the proper attire. If you follow them religiously on internet or magazines, you will get an idea about the fashion etiquette’s inside the gym.

Apart from getting hold of the best gym clothes, you must also have your personal style and a comfort level to comply with. Here are the style tips given by the celebs to the fashion forward women fitness freaks.

Never wear the baggy and unflattering tops

If you are exercising regularly, you also need to flaunt your figures with confidence. For this, wearing the right size and silhouette of the clothes is must. Never wear something that is baggy and unflattering to your figure, causing problem in working out smoothly. Stick to the sleek tees, crop tops and figure flattering sports bras that will give a good definition to your body.

Sweatpants are no more happening

Instead of the old and boring, uncomfortable sweatpants, you need to get hold of the tight shorts and leggings or joggers. The leggings are figure flattering, trendy and very comfortable giving you the right flexibility and body movement freedom.

Never go for too much exposure

You cannot invest in clothes at the gym that reveal too much, as exposure is a no-no at the workout classes. Wearing the skimpy and revealing clothes will end up hindering your performance too. Thus, stick to the high waist leggings or the fine textures sports bras, the tank tops and jackets in winters.

White leggings are strictly prohibited

The white colored or any light shaded leggings are not practical and flattering. Hence the celebs always gravitate towards the dark colored ones, or bright hued and neon leggings. You can also go for the printed leggings as they are very much in trend.

Worn out sneakers must not be used

The sneakers have a major role to play in your style and performance in the gym, and hence make sure to replace and old and dirty ones with new and bold sneakers.

Thus, time to get out of the state of conundrum and be transparent about what you wear to the gym. Keep following the celebs for this!

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