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The Three Sports Items That Should Be In Every Man’s Closet

If you are a stylish man who is in his mid or late twenties, you can really relate to us when we say that dressing up now is a lot easier than ever. Before, you had to separate gym clothing from your casual repertoire. You can still do that now, yes, but it is no longer necessary to do so. The fashion world has finally recognized the sporty look as one of the enviable options in your style diary that you can choose to rock any day.

Having said that, there are sports items that you shouldn’t miss out to look dapper. We discuss some of them here. You also get to know some of the tips on how to style them.

Slim-fit tees

You can never go wrong with tees, and that’s a fact. If all styling efforts fail, you can just pick up a plain t-shirt, pair it with jeans, and you’re already good to go. What makes gym t-shirts a lot more attractive than the usual ones that you have in your closet is the absorbent or moisture-wicking quality of the tees. When you go out during summer, you would really appreciate a shirt that keeps you dry and ventilated; most gym shirts pretty much do that!

One thing that you have to make sure when you wear gym shirts is their size. You just choose gym tees that fit you well. It will even be a lot better if you actually work out so that you develop muscles to sport that hunk-like look!

You should also pay attention to the colors of the gym t-shirts. If you don’t want to be bothered so much with deciding what to match the tee with, you should go for more neutral colors, such as tan, black, or navy. For a more attention-grabbing look, go for a red, orange or bright green shirt.

Shorts or pants

The main benefit of wearing shorts or pants that are designed for gym workouts is that they support a wider range of motion offering loads of agility. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they look loose or saggy. They are just made of fabrics that won’t make you feel uncomfortable or constrained even when placed so close to your skin.

Sneakers and socks

Any athletic look wouldn’t be complete without shoes. So even if you are not really a sneakerhead, owning at least two pairs of sports shoes will surely come handy.

If you are new to buying shoes, one thing that you should pay attention to is their colors. Normally, basketball shoes and other sports sneakers come in bright hues with creative color blocking design. There’s nothing wrong when you choose those, but you have to understand that the louder the colors of your shoes, the more challenging it is to blend the shoe with the other pieces of your outfit. If you are opting for versatility, choose shoes that are monochromatic and feature neutral tones.

If you are gifted with a personality where you can carry loud colors with panache, then go for such shoes!

Now that we’re talking about shoes, it’s natural for us to talk about socks next. Invisible socks, those that are very low-cut and don’t show over the top of your shoe, are trendy nowadays. But this doesn’t mean that the usual ankle high socks are now out of style. You can still go for them. You can even give them as men’s gifts to your friends and family. Socks are important, but they are often overlooked. So any man who receives them as gifts will surely appreciate the convenience that the socks afford him.

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