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The Womens Fitness Clothing Style Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making

Being a workout aficionado and understanding the norms of activewear are completely two unrelated things. While some gym or yoga freaks dress up in the perfect ways possible, some still lag behind and end up hampering their workout performances. Did you know that correct workout sessions get the endorphins going and this is scientifically proven to put you in a better, happier and more positive mood? But for that, having a great style is also essential, that can help you achieve a level of self-confidence, and motivation to hit the workout classes every day.

Are you sure that you don’t commit any style mistakes? Do you pick out the ethically correct products from the leading womens fitness clothing online stores? Here are some of the major mistakes that women make while dressing up in activewear items for working out.

Overdoing the compression clothes

It is a fact that the compression clothes are highly beneficial to keep your body warm, and also help it to have a smooth blood flow, but this doesn’t mean that you will end up overdoing the compression wear. Head to toe compression wear is not only lame to style up in but also you end up feeling uncomfortable for the workout regimes. Thus, either wear a compression top or a bottom wear, depending on the type of exercise you indulge in. This gives your body a balance and also lets you have a proportionate style statement.

The faded baggy sweatpants

Do you think that the baggy sweatpants are good for you even when you are out of shape? This is a myth that you are believing in, and having your facts checked is important. The retail stores and private label fitness clothing brands lend great options for all body types, and hence you shouldn’t go for ill fitted sweatpants. If you don’t feel great in tight fitted leggings, try out other options in slim, relaxed, and loose silhouettes.

The spandex or polyester panties

Do you still invest in the dangerous polyester and spandex panties for workout classes? But if you are wearing the tight leggings, shorts or capris to the gym, you should be wearing the cotton g-string underneath. The polyester and spandex undies don’t let you breathe and might result in yeast infections and vaginitis.

The oversized tees

Yes, you might be the oversized tee and denim girl, but this rule doesn’t apply when you are working out. For gym classes, they not only make you look frumpy, and out-of-date but also restrict your movement. You must look for cuts and shapes that complement your body type and also get going with colors that don’t let sweat marks visible.

Going overboard with accessories

At the gym, when it comes to accessories, less is more. For fitness specific gears, a GPS watch with a headband to keep your hairs in place is enough. Don’t over indulge in accessories.


Women must think before getting dresses up for gym classes and learn to bring perfection instead of committing silly style mistakes with gym clothes.

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