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The Working Woman’s Guide To Dressing For The Gym

In the 1980’s, there were sweatbands and leotards. Gym fashion trends have changed over the years but there are still questions about what is appropriate. People are busier than ever, and women have entered in the workout sphere in record level numbers. While carrying a gym bag from the office to the gym or fitness studio works for a lot of working women, others prefer this transition in a more seamless manner.

Thus, enters the amazing, durable, versatile leggings! Here’s how working women can wear leggings virtually anywhere they want to!


Why Leggings?

For a very long time, leggings were not considered as an outerwear option. Children often wore them with dresses and flats. These were seen as cute and endearing, not empowering or athletic. Seemingly overnight, women began to embrace leggings. They have started wearing colorful print with designs and eye-catching patterns. They are reinforced and produced in various materials that made them perfect for high-impact workouts. Celebrities are now seen in leggings, sauntering from the gym to frozen yogurt trucks and department stores. Leggings have become super popular because they are comfortable, effortless to put on, and well-suited for all kinds of activities.

Pairing Leggings With Office Attire

While leggings can definitely be combined with casual attire with ease, it is also crucial to see how they can be worn in the office. A simple, white, button-down shirt paired with a pair of grey leggings is perfect for casual Fridays. Leggings are also great when worn with layers. Put on a long t-shirt, pull on your favorite slouchy sweater, and complete the look with leggings and boots for an outfit that is well-suited for combating cold weather. Put on a pair of leggings under a tunic and you will keep cool and look stylish in the office during spring and summer.

Wearing Leggings At The Gym

When you wear leggings to work, you are already halfway ready for the gym. Change your top and put on some sneakers and you’re ready to do some heavy lifting or get your cardio for the day. You can hike up the bottom of your leggings a bit if you feel overheated and turn them into makeshift capris. The stretchy material found in leggings easily allows wearers to do lunges, jumping jacks, or participate in an exercise class. In addition, leggings are generally snug, so you can put them on under a pair of jeans, sweatpants, or simply layer your leggings. This makes going from work to the gym even easier for working women.

Those who work for a living have to be mindful of their spare time. Rather than packing a gym bag each morning before work, you can wear gym gear to the office. A t-shirt and a pair of leggings seals the deal, making you all prepared for an intense workout. Coincidentally, that same outfit can be worn in most workplace settings with the right accessories. Just remember to bring along a pair of sneakers and your water bottle so that you can go straight from your place of business to the gym with panache!

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