Sport the Sports Bra Trend with Alanic’s Stunning Online Collection

The ‘athleisure’ trend has led to female shoppers purchasing more athletic apparel for not just workouts but for everything from running errands to casual hangouts. Alanic wishes to further spike the popularity of workout clothing and following the footsteps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gigi Hadid has completely revamped its sports bra collection as well as leggings selection so that you are tempted to re-stock your entire gym wardrobe! A matching set of sports bra and leggings is ‘in’ right now and an awesome way to flaunt personal style and stay comfortable at intense workout sessions.

Alanic’s fabulous sports bra range includes bras made of hi-tech fabric that wick off moisture, provide the support required and minimizes bounce complete with fashionable details such as straps, cut outs, halter necks, eye-catching colors, prints and motifs. Pair it up with leggings featuring subtle to bold prints, neutral to neon hues and tones, mesh workings and other creative details. If you are not a fan of showing off your midriff, then simply tie a t-shirt around your waist and give everyone a hint of that stomach you’ve worked so hard for! Shop online today to turn up the heat!!

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