Top 3 Latest Yoga Trends to Wake Up Your Inner Yogi

Alanic International Corporation Posted On - August 13, 2016

Have you stayed away from yoga classes because they’re too boring for you? Well, modern yoga teachers have tweaked the age old tradition of yoga to make it more challenging, exciting and filled with adventure. Imagine the well-known and common yoga stance – the downward dog pose – and now visualize doing the same pose on a paddle-board on the unfathomable expanse of the ocean. If you are a sucker for challenges and love to push yourself, we have some latest yoga trends for you to try to give your workout sessions a fun twist.

Anti-gravity or Aerial Yoga

Everybody practices yoga on a firm rubber mat placed in contact with the ground. That’s the thing for mere mortals! But to make yoga more interesting for you, the practice has risen up, literally! Anti-gravity or aerial yoga requires you to be suspended from the ceiling while you perform various asanas. And believe us when we say that the experience is absolutely liberating! If you are new to this, wear form-fitting yoga clothes women that cover your knees and underarms. One-pieces are great for this type of practice. Go crazy with colors and prints though!

Get Over Your Fear of Water with Underwater Yoga

Yes, the thought of diving into the great expanse of the ocean can be a little intimidating but when it brings to you face to face with the deafening silence and your own weightlessness, it would literally free you of all your worries and help you calm down. When the only sounds that you hear are your own heartbeat and breath, you are made aware of only one thing – now. Wear minimal clothes such as swimwear made of hi-tech fabric or sports bra and shorts works fine too.

Hot or Bikram Yoga

This is one of the most trending yoga practices that celebrities such as Lady Gaga seems to be going gaga over! The practitioners are literally made to feel that they’re working out on a hot summer day! You would be put in a hot chamber and you can expect a lot of sweating and burning of those excessive carbs! Dress minimal as it is going to be very very hot. Trendy sports bras, shorts with thick waistbands, crop tops, capri yoga pants and mesh tank tops would be our suggestion.