Women’s Fitness Tee from Alanic to Pull an Uber Casual Look Easily

Adding panache to your appearance just got easier. Grab the designer grey V-neck half sleeve tee from Alanic, crafted for all the fitness enthused ladies who loves to lead the fashion crowd.

Full grey, with refined length, neckline and fitting that adds to its designer quotient, this tee exudes maximum finesse. Whether you’re heading to the gym, beach party or office, its casual flavor blends in perfectly with any social set-up. Team it up with contrasting legging or short and pull an ultimate stylish look that people can’t help but re-look in admiration.

The tee is made using the finest of super cool fabrics that render high comfort with unmatched ventilation and wicking properties. The fabric is lightweight and flaunts ultra soft base that stretches well to provide a cozy fitting that feels like a delight even on long summer days

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