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Striking Light Colored Cap Manufacturer

Product Code: AL28-4

The Alanic Striking Light Colored Cap is a curved brim, six paneled,light weight cap perfect for any age group. Its special fiber wicks the sweat and give you a fresh and light feeling even if wore for a long time. Soft band on inner side guarantees the comfort.




  • Soft inner band, guarantying comfort.
  • Dri-fit fabric keeps your body dry and fit by wicking the sweat.
  • Enhanced ventilationbecause of special design.
  • Lightweight and durable stuff.


Fabric info


  • Feather weight.
  • Prepared from special dri-fit technology.
  • Durable and comfortable.


Product Details

The Alanic Striking Light Colored Cap is a trendy icon providing comfort and fashion at the same time. It fits the contours of the head providing comfort and confidence. Soft material and inner soft band make it a comfortable fit.




Permanent printed Alanic monogram at front.


Private Label / OEM


All the orders could be customized with style, fabric material, fabric gsm, color, size, patterns or logo, lable, mark, packing,etc.

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