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    Alanic has grown into a complete one-stop wholesale destination for independent designers, promotional product professionals, retailers and business owners looking for fitness, sports and fashion clothing in large quantities. We work with a high-spirited team of designers and have access to cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and equipment. We are proudly one of the leading apparel brands in the world and we also offer all-inclusive custom, OEM and private label clothing manufacturing services to our esteemed clients all over the world.

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    We Are Recognized as the Best Clothing Manufacturing Hub in USA

    How we score over our rivals?

    Our in-depth knowledge in textile production and a dynamic team of designers who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and styles make us the best apparel manufacturing company in USA. We also serve the global competitive markets in Canada, UK, UAE, Europe and Australia.

    How we revamp our collection from time to time?

    We aim to stir up a storm with our expansive fashion, fitness and sports clothing collection for men and women. Season after season we come up with fresh new design ideas and style while incorporating individual requirements and specifications. We love to think different, experiment and get updated with the changing layers of the textile world! We love to experiment with different colors, cuts and designs. Our love for fashion and passion to deliver the best has made us one of the best brands that various high-end fashion houses and sports team rely upon.

    How we make a deft use of technology in our clothing line?

    At Alanic, we design and create products using technologically advanced fabrics and materials that not only offer fashion but are also comfortable, practical and functional. From proper incorporation of moisture-wicking capabilities, use of compression fabric to warp knitting fabric, we are looking forward to embed micro-sensors in our clothing collection in the near future!

    How we encourage birth of new clothing line?

    We at Alanic not only offer a colossal range of ready-made clothes and accessories created with upcoming and raging market trends and styles in mind but with our excellent custom clothing options we allow business owners to launch their own new clothing line. Clients can choose from dye-sublimation printing, embroidery to embellishments. Our labeling services are for those wishing to start their own private label brands. We specialize in bulk production and offer out high-quality products at wholesale prices on bulk purchase.

    Want to Become One of Our Thriving Distributors?

    Within a very short span of time, we have established a stellar reputation as one of the top-rating and illustrious designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of world-class fashion, sports and fitness clothing and accessories for men and women. If you are looking to venture into the clothing industry without much capital investment, then shake hands with us.

    1. Who can become our distributor? Entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized business owners interested in venturing into the promising billion-dollar clothing industry as well as big corporate joints looking to expand their business are all welcome to join our list of successful distributors.

    2. What procedure do you have to follow to become one of our distributors?You have to visit our ‘become our distributors‘ page and fill up the application with your personal and business information and submit it to us. Once we have accepted your application, you can start ordering products in bulk.You have to visit our ‘become our distributors’ page and fill up the application with your personal and business information and submit it to us. Once we have accepted your application, you can start ordering products in bulk.

    3. Who will be your target audience? You will basically be the middleman between us, the manufacturer, and the retailers. You can distribute the products in bulk to retailers near you or to anyone in search of products in large quantities.

    4. How would you gain by being one of our clothing distributors? Since we are already a well-acclaimed apparel brand, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on creating a brand identity. Neither do you have to take on the headache of manufacturing the products yourself! You just have to distribute the products that we design and create and look forward to earning huge profits and great rewards.

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