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The Alanic Splendid Suede Loafers are the state of art articles designed by specialized designers. The material is of prime quality and lasts longer. Special leather makes it a durable and quality product. Rubber sole give you a cushioned and comfortable experience.



  • Long lasting material.
  • Beautifully thought designs.
  • Dri-fit fabric.
  • Lightweight and durable stuff.


Fabric info

  • Feather weight.
  • Prepared from special dri-fit technology.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Elastic rubber material for sole.


Product Details

The Alanic Splendid Suede Loafers are a trendy icon providing trendy look and fashion at the same time. It fits the needs of casual and formal use. Soft material and inner soft solemake it a comfortable fit.



Permanent printed Alanic monogram tag.


Private Label / OEM

All the orders could be customized with customsponsor logos, names, numbers, in custom design, custom color etc.

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