Royal Purple Polar Fleece Jacket Manufacturer & Wholesaler In USA

Royal Purple Polar Fleece Jacket Manufacturer

Product Code: Al46-2

The Royal Purple Polar Fleece Jacket from Alanic Wholesale is a beautifully tailored high collared full zipped jacket. Special light weight warm fabric is the striking feature of the product. Use it with trousers or on jeans, it is an all fit item.



  • Dri-fit fabric keeps your body dry and fit by wicking the sweat.
  • Lightweight and durable stuff.
  • Enhanced warmth because of special light weight fabric.
  • Collar comes with interior taping, guarantying comfort.


Fabric info

  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Comfortably stretchable.
  • Special light weight and warm stuff.
  • Prepared from special dri-fit technology.


Product Details

The Royal Purple Polar Fleece Jacket from Alanic a beautifully fabricated and designed product to keep you warm. It fits the contours of the body providing comfort and confidence. Soft material and taping at neck make it a comfortable fit.



Permanent printed Alanic monogram inside collar.

Private Label / OEM

All the orders could be customized with style, fabric material, fabric gsm, color, size, patterns or logo, label, mark, packing,etc.

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