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Product Code: SD-003

The AlanicDance Amazing Black and White T-shirt stretchableshort-teeis a product which is both fitness and casual use choice. Its slim fit design beautifully shapes around the body contours making you confident and dashing.



  • Comfortable and soft material.
  • Stretchable and sleek design.
  • Beautifully engineered design.
  • Comfortable inner taping at neck.
  • Wicks the sweat and keeps dry.


Fabric info

  • Sweat absorbent.
  • Prepared from special dri-fit technology.
  • Comfortably stretchable.


Product Details

The AlanicDance Amazing Black and White T-shirt stretchable short-tee is a stretchable and sleekly designed product. It is best for all round use .Soft tapping at inner neck and sweat absorbing ability are the striking features of the product. A beautifully thought symmetrical design.



Permanent printed Alanic monogram at back of the neck.


Private Label / OEM

All the orders could be customized with custom team uniform with their sponsor logos, names, numbers, in custom design, custom color etc.

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