Dioz Group is the top-rated destination where superb craft meets in apparel, accessories be it in fashion, sports, fitness or promotional clothes- all in one hub! It’s a team of expert manufacturers, designers and wholesalers with an extensive array of inventories. Their mission is to create a strong relationship with the clients through quality and integrity, Dioz Group has given birth to several ventures. They operate their business from Beverley Hills and have now expanded their enterprise to Australia and other parts of the globe.

Alanic is one of their most successful wings that specialize particularly in sports and fashion clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. They pay special attention to the materials to ensure the quality of their clothes and pamper its voluminous clients with customization options. The designers, who work at Alanic, have the expertise to create new designs and set the latest trends. They have earned the reputation as one of the best clothing wholesalers in USA.