Promotional products have emerged as a great marketing and advertising tools for businesses across the world and PPPC along with its various PPPC companies intends to educate and spread awareness regarding the importance and effectiveness of promotional items right from the community level. With its experience and hard work, it has become one of the leaders in the promotional products industry making a difference in not just Canada but across the globe.

Alanic and PPPC

Alanic is proud to be one of the PPPC members and this association has helped us to build a strong footprint in Canada. From our humble beginnings, we are today one of the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of customized apparel and accessories for men, women and kids with an international repute. We work with a fiercely dedicated and creative team of personnel who work 24/7 to offer our clients personalized services that is of the highest industry standards. We do everything in our power to make our clients brand and name gain visibility.

PPPC Helps Supplier Companies Connect

The 2014 trade shows organized and hosted by PPPC brought together more than 600 supplier companies and 7,200 motivated distributors from across Canada. These trade shows are the ideal opportunity for PPPC distributors to connect one-on-one with other industry participants, make a great impression on customers and build long-lasting relations. Its upcoming 2016 PPPC National Convention is opined to be the largest Promotional Products Convention in Canada, and the itinerary consists of must-attend seminars, networking events and engagement opportunities.

PPPC’s Promotional Products Industry Events

The year 2015 have seen one of a kind events arranged by PPPC. Some brilliant Expos have given PPPC suppliers a chance to showcase their latest product offerings and reel in big clients. There was Roadshows, BC Chap Cruise, TOPS+CGY Social and so on. 2016 should be no less exciting!

We, Alanic, is thrilled to be one of the prestigious PPPC members and we hope to be the world’s leading designer brand that clients can rely on.