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Tough Mudder Partners With Alanic For The Coming Seasons In a Multiyear Deal!

If you are an obstacle show enthusiast and have a thing for activewear clothing, then this one is going to be a ground breaking revelation for you. One of the finest obstacle courses in USA that is head quartered in New York, Tough Mudder is partnering with a leading active wear clothing manufacturing company, Alanic. Let’s take a look –


The greatest team obstacle course on the planet
Tough Mudder!

Yes, you read it right. One of the most popular obstacle course entertainment in all of America is all set to start its partnership with the activewear brand. Tough Mudder is a popular show where 10 – 12 participants start an endurance based obstacle challenge that involves both physical and mental trials – be it fear of heights, or crawling through thick mud.

Competitors, Spectators Invited to Enjoy 2018 Philly Tough Mudder Today and Sunday

Image Source: Vista.Today

It is popular because the show does not just focus on the fitness of one person – instead it values team work and virtue and is played on the basis of putting oneself after the greater good of the team.
Such an epic game can only have a partner that fits every bill – and they have found it in leading fitness clothing wholesaler and manufacturer, Alanic.

Here’s what you need to know about Alanic

Revered as a leading global producer of top quality fitness clothing, Alanic operates in different countries – be it USA, Australia, Canada and many others. Its manufactured clothing has every quality that will associate with Tough Mudder. Want to what they are? Let’s take a look –

1. Durability – If you want to get down and dirty on the obstacle course, you will need the durability in what you wear – so that it enhances your performance rather than being an impediment. Alanic produces extremely advanced and durable sports clothing that provides the perfect blend of stretch ability, functionality, and a killer instinct.

2. Designs – Alanic makes some of the best designs when it comes to their manufactured clothing and many retailers also opt for custom and private label design options. From a host of color variations to a wide range of functionally accurate designs, the manufacturing company is truly number 1.


Tough Mudder – Tri-State

Image Source – Lets Do This

With so much working for Alanic and its multiyear partnership deal with the best of obstacle courses, keep your eyes hooked on the show’s next season to see the Alanic sponsored obstacle. Going by the quality of manufacturer that it is, there is no doubt in the kind of challenge it is going to present to the contestants!

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