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13 Fashion Trends That You Will Witness Everywhere This Year

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By Alanic

Dramatic, iconic, and sustainable are a few words out of many that are going to be there in this year’s fashion dictionary. From over-the-top feminine to stealth wealth, as per stylists, fashion trends of this year will be all about celebrating individuality and uniqueness.

What you can expect to see? Sequins for everyday shine, pops of color, bows and ribbons, and more. If you are one of those people who eagerly wait for new trends to incorporate them into their wardrobes and remain the most stylish in the group, then you will find this blog pretty useful.

Have a look at the list of this year’s fashion trends.

1. Sustainable Fashion with An Improved Approach

‘Sustainable and upcycle’ fashion trend is arguably the most essential one on this list. As there has been a rise in sustainability and more and more people are becoming earth-conscious, designers keeping this in mind, are focusing on it. With design professionals including sustainable and upcycled materials into their collections even more, the fashion industry is taking better steps to address its carbon footprint. And no, it’s not just limited to dresses, but bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes as well. Safe yet cutting-edge technology and pioneering materials will redefine fashion. After all, embracing fashion that is both sustainable as well as voguish becomes highly important as you move towards a greener future.

sustainable fashion clothes

2. Out Coastal Grandma, In Grandpa Style

Rooted in iconic ocean-side minimalism but not too preppy, the coastal grandmother style is slowly going out of the picture as people are searching heavily for ”eclectic grandpa” or ”grandpa style”. It combines a quirky style with timeless comfortability while mixing retro touches and custom details. As per popular global trends and insights lead, you can think of stylish cardigans, vintage streetwear, and personalized apparel. It’s a trend that will also heavily make use of hats, glasses, watches, and loafers, things that are meant to last years if not a lifetime! Oh no, this isn’t some gender-specific trend. Anyone is free to pull off that ‘grandpa look’.

eclectic grandpa style clothes

3. Sequins For Everyday Life

Once reserved for just special occasions, especially New Year’s Eve, you will be noticing sequins everywhere this year, right from the office to the dance floor! The sparkly feature dominated the recent runways, showing an eye-blinding array of sequined ensembles for every person who wants to make every day a celebration, worth remembering. Whether you are into the iconic black sequin dresses or are into modern silhouettes and vibrant hues, taking your pick, you are bound to turn heads your way for sure. By the way, don’t miss out on the sequined pencil skirts and statement sequined tops.

fashionable sequin dresses

4. Make Way for The Hyperfeminine Style

Have you checked out the hyperfeminine style that has been creating a buzz lately? The ‘girly girl’ style is all over the social media. Ensembles displaying pinks, ruffles, pastels, and bows are getting highly appreciated and thrown on by the internet fashionistas. Lacy details and floral prints also fall into it. Tons of ladies are using the hyperfeminine style as a means of self-expression, finding comfort in the over-the-top looks. Cottagecore, corset-mania, and ‘Selkie’ puff dresses capture the essence of this style perfectly. The increasing popularity of this trend shows how social media has the power to change the fashion game.

hyperfeminine girly girl dress

5. Metallic Varieties Rocking the Fashion World

Inspired by the metallic sheen, the creative professionals have embraced the cool allure of metallics once again. This trend, focusing on individuality and freedom, allows ladies to express their style with confidence. From lustrous gold to shimmering silver, metallic hues are all set to dominate the fashion scene this year. Proof? Celebs flaunting the shimmery metallics along with gliding gowns in the recent Golden Globes Red Carpet. The night got brighter with the metallic trend that left everyone in awe. Skai Jackson is the name to remember and get inspired by as she looked gorgeous draped in a metallic fabric.

metallic fashion dresses

6. Bows As Accessories and More Than Accessories!

Lately, in various collections, giant bows have stolen the limelight. They allow women to add a touch of quirkiness to an otherwise simple look. Oversized and opulent bows were a standout feature in many shows. They are huge right now and are predicted to rule this year. However, it isn’t just reserved for when you are trying to make an effort. If you wish to create a soft and romantic look, then you can accessorize, lightly deck up, or tie together your attire with the smaller versions of bows. If you think differently, you can also make a bow out of a long strap in a dress. For example, while tying the neck straps of a halter-neck dress. In this way, you won’t have to use it as an accessory always.

giant bow style dresses

7. It’s Time to Be Friends with The Volume and Lengths

Say adieu to the cropped and skinny styles as this year is all about experimenting with shape, length, and volume. You will find exaggerated lengths on almost every kind of clothing piece. Drop-waist dresses, oversized long-line jackets, and super-long dresses will be back in fashion once again. Emphasizing your waistline with a belt is a thing of the past now as you can go for a sexier drop-waist alternative. This style works particularly well for eveningwear and special occasions. Wide-legged denim has laid the foundation for more tailored bottom wear that is constructed from flowy materials like gaberdine, cupro, etc. For a pretty put-together look, partner these with a matching blazer.

super long fashionable dresses

8. Color Pops for Ultimate Dopamine Boosting

This year, capsule dressing remains in style, though with updated basics in neutrals such as white, camel, grey, and black. They will be elevated with pops of color such as pistachio green, canary yellow, lavender purple, and millennial pink. If you want to bring a refreshing touch to your appearance, then add a pop color clothing item to your neutral outfit. Don’t worry, neutrals will always be there but a striking pop of color can help you stand apart in the crowd this year. You can go head to toe in one color and make a bold style statement. How about a pantsuit in pistachio green? Up for it?

color pop capsule dress

9. Going All Out with The Mega Bags

Mega bags are here for you if you have wished to go all out with them but couldn’t ever since the micro bags were enjoying success in the fashion scene. From the latest runway looks, it seems like designers such as Sandy Liang and Brandon Maxwell have come up with the motto— the bigger the bag, the better it is. They will be crushing all of the other handbag trends this year and take the No. 1 position. Your laptop, portable charger, clothing sets, huge makeup bags, and other stuff will have a place to go, finally! No more teases, no more stress, you can be boastful with these bags. Do consider carrying a mega tote to your office.

mega bags collection

10. Stealth Wealth Is Here to Stay

With many celebs opting for quiet luxury, even commoners these days are going for it. And, this trend which is basically about throwing on clothing items that look and feel crazy costly but actually aren’t so, will remain in fashion this year. You can picture top-quality fabrics and smooth and flawless tailoring. Stealth wealth, also known as quiet luxury and old-money style won’t be simply restricted to apparel but move on to accessories as well. It’s true that in terms of financial commitment, timeless pieces can be a big investment but the longevity they will bring will make it all worth it. A capsule wardrobe that is filled with non-logo refined pieces can let you mix and match for various outfit combinations.

trendy old money style dress

11. Rise Of Revolutionary Preppy Ensembles

Iconic preppy layers are added to polo shirts, button-downs, cardigans, and pullovers in the form of flouncy, frothy tulle, and layered mini-skirts, therefore giving it a refreshing touch. Before the models walked the ramp in them, you couldn’t have thought such a blend was possible as subversive preppy outfits mix masculine and feminine, angular and airy, hard and soft for a delightfully daring appearance. Yes, it’s a pretty unusual combination but if you are bold and brave enough, then you can easily rock it in casual to semi-formal settings. All you need is a bit of confidence and a great smile.

preppy button down dress

12. The Tweaked Slingback Heels

Slingback heels were hardly talked about for a long time, since slip-ons, sneakers, and pumps were there everywhere. In the recent collections of well-recognized designers such as Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent, the slingback style appeared in a sleek way, like the ones that used to be a huge thing back in the 90s. The return of the iconic slingback style is being celebrated everywhere and you can find them in different shoe styles and heels. Designers have worked hard to rework these elements into various kinds. While these ankle straps were spotted adorned with jewels in ballets in one collection, in another, they were seen in a super sleek shape.

tweaked sling back heels

13. Business Sensual with Sheer

Sheer dressing has undergone the most unbelievable evolution on the ramp. Gauzy sheer materials in gowns have become outdated and have entered the business casual area. Yes, you read that right! While the blouses, button-downs, and midi skirts as shown by the designers on the ramps are a bit too much for the office setting, you can still go for similar(toned down) looks with a bit of effort and search!

blouses and midi skirts trend

Armed with all the knowledge, you can look no less than a fashion goddess as you make some additions to your wardrobe or reinvent a few pieces.

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