3 Alternate V-Day Dresses For Your One Of a Kind Bae!

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3 Alternate V-Day Dresses For Your One Of a Kind Bae!

If you are thinking of what you can gift your bae this Valentine’s Day, then let us remind you that she is one of a kind. And sometimes a dressy gown in red is not just good enough to appreciate her multi-layered personality!

In this blog, we are going to tell you 3 different options that you could gift her for your special date. Thanks to manufacturers who make trendy wholesale women’s clothing, there are plenty of choices for you to pick from.

Want to find out what these are? Let’s take a look now –

The red jumpsuit dress

Well, what can we say? The red jumpsuit is as good as it gets for your bae – who, just like the dress, is a mixture of funk, cool, and sexy. The thing about jumpsuits are that they look pretty good on curves and have the potential to be oodles of sexy (so, you are not missing any of that gorgeous eye candy).

You can get it in a velvety material as that just looks more classy and fuzzy – a look that will definitely hang on to every eye that sets itself on her that fateful evening!

Also, this dress could be paired with a lot of accessories and jewellery options (with the bling); and the best shoe option? Roman style gold polished stilettos – just to give her the Queen Bee vibe!

The Sexy Tracksuit

People think that the tracksuit is probably the ugliest suit variant ever – but wait till you see this V-day special cut. Thanks to able designers and wholesale custom clothing manufacturers, this one is packing the right cut for the right places.

With a balance of skin and ‘I am the best’ panache, this track suit is generally adorned with side stripes that follow down from the shoulders all the way to her heel. You can pick any color or material you want, but do not forget to get the right cut for your bottoms (which are not the regular one).

Pairing this look with white sneakers and letting that toned mid riff lose on the world is definitely going to set fire to the stage like never before. Do not forget to get some bodyguards with you, because with this, your lady is going to be hot property!

The Tennis Skirt

This one can be paired with lose shirts, tops, crops, or anything your lady likes. It is the perfect apparel to balance the chirpiness and girl next door oomph! The tennis skirt can be paired with a number of things, and that liberty is with your lady love!

But if there is one thing we can say with absolute surety, then it is this – the tennis skirt is definitely going to make you feel lucky to have someone like her in your life.

These are the 3 dresses that every women and mens wholesale clothing manufacturers in the United States are trying to get right this Valentine’s day. It has a healthy mix of high street and athleisure, and that is what is getting everyone excited!