3 Common Sartorial Mistakes Every Man Makes and How to Fix Them

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3 Common Sartorial Mistakes Every Man Makes and How to Fix Them

With every passing year, the simplicity associated with dressing is disappearing making things subtly complicated. Earlier a good suit and tie would make you the Bind of your office. Or just throwing a leather jacket over your casual clothes would help you replicate a James Dean. But gone are those days. With so many trends to follow, you don’t want to leave out anything but getting it right is so difficult. This results in getting the entire thing wrong. But to help you not commit those crimes.

Here is a list of three common sartorial mistakes you often make and how to fix them…

Misunderstood athleisure

Of the all the recent trends that have surfaced in the fashion industry, athleisure is the simplest yet the most misunderstood of all. People still think that athleisure is all about going extremes. So either you wear a black lace up or a sore to the eyes neon hues. But that is not the trend. It is anything but that.

How to fix it:

Athleisure is very little about the clothes and all about the fabric. You have to find the

right materials to team it with your sporty apparels. Suede and leather add a bit of nice conventionalism to the attire while giving it a creative boost. Trainers are a un-fussy replacement for shining oxfords. Go for darker tones to add gravitas to your ensemble.

The paradox of the suit

Suits are a set, which means they are to be worn together. But the problem lies that when either of the items perishes, you separate them from each other, wearing them as individual pieces. But you soon realize that this idea seldom works, giving rise to a paradox that cannot be dealt with. Or can you?

How to fix it:

The fix for this problem is that you invest in some good individual pieces as well. Unstructured blazers with a relaxed fit for pairing with the trousers or chinos to team with the suit jacket can end up giving you a breezy and non-conservative appearance.

Too much of dressing

There is a dressing decorum that all employees are expected to adhere to when within the office premises. This means that the trend of dressing down will not matter much. Your boss probably doesn’t even care about the tracksuit trousers no matter how comfortable they are.

How to fix it:

Since you have to maintain a certain level of sartorial dignity in the office and still want to be comfortable, a polo shirt paired with trousers can be a fair game. This combination balances both in pretty fair amounts making this the ultimate formal clothing ensemble for the hot days.

On that note, investing in good clothes may ease somewhat of the effort you need put. Men’s clothing manufacturers have a range of the best apparels that are all constructed using fine quality materials. Retailers can make a bulk purchase while securing massive discounts.