3 Growth Hacks for Private Label Clothing Business Owners

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3 Growth Hacks for Private Label Clothing Business Owners

While it was tossed around in 2010, never has the word ‘Growth Hacking’ so buzzed as it is today. And it isn’t surprising—after all who doesn’t want more at less.

Clothing business owners are the new in this mix, running after growth hacking, looking for higher growth at least of efforts (and investment). While this idea would have looked fanatical few years back, it isn’t the case now. Many private label clothing business owners have already set distinct examples in the market. They have already set the path clean for others to follow.

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer

Are you an apparel retailer? Do you sell private label clothes? Do you want to fuel your business to new heights?

Here are 3 growth hacking tips:

Experiment with your collection

hacking is all about experimenting to find that ideal position when effort and investment are least and growth is at its highest. So the wheel is set into action when you start experimenting with your wholesale clothing collection.

Yes, your female customers like black leggings the best—but have you tried offering them vibrant varieties? Men love hoodies—but do they like blazers any less?

If you’ve selected a good private label manufacturer who has a large catalogue, you will have ample of options to play around with different types of collections. Don’t be afraid. While this might not prove to be a profitable bet in short-term, in the long-run it sure will be very worthwhile.

Leverage Dropshipping facility of your manufacturer

If you’re an apparel business owner, with online platform, fulfilling orders beyond the domestic boundaries, why aren’t you Dropshipping already? This business model has risen to crazy-fame in recent times. Your manufacturer stocks your wholesale in their own facilities, and delivers to your customers on your behalf. You don’t need to own a warehouse and get your hands dirty in handling the real inventory. Everything is taken care of for you, while you focus on marketing and selling.

Of course, for this, you must have a wholesale clothing manufacturer that offers Dropshipping services in the first place.

Use Facebook and Twitter effectively

These days even small and local-based businesses are enjoying big returns from their marketing investment on Facebook and Twitter, finally jinxing the myth that social media channels are only ideal for big companies with extravagant budget.

So if your business isn’t already on social media, get there! Facebook and Twitter are great open platforms to find, engage and convert the target audience using relevant, consistent and timely messages.

These are 3 tips to turn yourself into a growth hacker and take your private label clothing business to new heights. Of course, implementing them is easier said than done. But if you’re ready to put in your hard and smart work, success would only be a grasp away.