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3 Rewarding Wellness Essentials to Actually Help You Meet Your Goals

It’s always exciting to purchase the latest wellness products in hopes of improving our health and fitness.

What’s challenging is choosing good investments— items and services worth their cost and have long-term effectiveness. After all, you’re looking for helpful tools, not superfluous clutter.

That’s why we’re sharing the wellness essentials you need for a lifetime of continued personal growth.

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Keep reading for some wellness picks that you won’t regret investing in for daily use and long-term gains.

1) A Compact Exercise Machine for At-Home Use

Invest in a piece of exercise equipment that can easily fit into any corner of your house or apartment. A huge plus of having a machine at home and within reach and view is that it will keep you cognizant of your goals and motivated to stay on the right track.

With an at-home exercise machine, you can squeeze in some 14-minute interval training wherever your schedule allows. If you commute to work, you can save time by working out before you leave your house. No need to schlep to a gym at 6:00 am.

And if you work from home, that’s even better. Get moving when you start feeling a bit sluggish and want to pump some more oxygen into your brain. Improve your work performance and meet your daily fitness gains in one shot.

Still not convinced? Though an exercise machine may seem expensive, investing in one can save money that would otherwise go toward transportation or a gym membership.

One great option is the Bowflex Trainer. Elegant and adaptive, it’s perfect for full-body workouts and morning cardio. However, there are many differences between the Bowflex m3 vs m5, so you’ll want to research both to pick the better one for your needs.

2) A Glass Water Bottle to Keep You Hydrated

Ask just about any model, fitness guru, or health nut what their number one piece of wellness advice is, and the answer is almost always drinking a lot of water. Water, the giver of life, is key to weight loss, glowing skin, organ function, and more.

That said, why purchase a glass water bottle? Here are three reasons why: 

1) Let’s do our part to help save the environment. Glass water bottles are reusable. And again, there are plusses in the financing realm—you can save money on water bottles and drink machines.

2) Compared to plastics and metals, glass often has fewer chemicals and toxins.

3) Have you ever drank out of a reusable water bottle, and the taste was a bit off? Unlike other materials, glass will not influence the taste of your drink.

You drink water every day, so why not upgrade your experience with a stylish, recyclable, and health-focused glass water bottle?

3) A Blender for Smoothies and Protein shakes

A great way to stay on top of your daily nutritional requirements is to make shakes and smoothies.

Regardless of what type of diet you follow, it’s a known fact that fruits and vegetables are crucial to good nutrition as they’re naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. But despite their importance, few people get the recommended 5+ servings of daily fruits and vegetables.

It’s easier than you might think to get in your daily fruit and veggies. With some smoothie recipes, you can get up to 7 servings in one tasty drink.

If you don’t already have one, buying a high-quality blender that is easy to clean and efficient is a must-have for achieving wellness excellence.


You want to know that your wellness purchases will not just give you that one-time shot of dopamine but continue to reward you throughout the years.

The above picks are examples of wellness investments worth their cost. Consider ditching plastic water bottles and trying glass, bring exercise gear home, and get your needed fruits and veggies.