3 Style Predictions for 2018 That Every Retailer Can Adopt

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3 Style Predictions for 2018 That Every Retailer Can Adopt

2018! Most people are predicting it to be the year for fashion. And notwithstanding any further, let us get to the topic directly. You as a retailer want to add clothes that help impress your customers and expand your business.

But what exactly should you base your clothing collection on?

What are the trends that you should and should not follow?

Here are 3 style predictions for 2018 that every retailer can adopt.

Trends you cannot avoid

Right now, the fashion world is running high on off-duty footwear and tailored casual wear. The ensemble is crazy enough to draw attention. Men appreciate the good craftsmanship that radiates their true sense of fashion. But you have to remember that it has to be something toned down, simple and subtle, yet stylish, quirky and eccentric. Like mentioned, nail the fit for the clothes but ditch the skinny fit for that matter. It is time to let relaxed fit become mainstream.

Main pieces to look forward to: Embellished bomber jackets and varsity jackets, wide leg jeans and trousers, military boots and lace-up shoes.

Trends from 2017 you can carry forth

2017 was a year of reinvention. People were looking forth to owing clothes that showcased a perfect balance between comfort and style. The year experienced lots of comeback from the previous fashion era. The fashion scene had been much about denim jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets and wide leg trousers. These will be continued forth in 2018 as well (as in the previous point). Men have come to love these trends and they will not go anywhere anytime soon. Custom clothing suppliers are allowing the retailers to apply their own designs to craft pieces that are stylish and sophisticated.

Main pieces to look out for: Joggers, sweatshirts, leather jackets and knitwear.

Trends from 2017 that should have never happened

There were some pieces in 2017 that we are thankful for, ended with the year itself. These trends were a pain to the eyes. Enthusiasts regretted them immediately as they hit the mainstream fashion scenes. These particular trends achieved nothing, created no statement whatsoever and blew up the social media for worse. Rather than elucidating on why they didn’t work out, it is better you know which are the ones you should avoid completely adding to your store collection.

Main pieces to avoid: Ripped jeans, bulky sweatshirts that were annoying and anything that has to do with dramatic sportswear.

Thus, be very careful about what you add to your store and what you present to your customer. Subtlety is the key to win hearts. Keep it that way. Fashion clothing distributors and manufacturers have the latest pieces from the industry displayed in their inventory that can be purchased by you. all you need to do is register with the manufacturer and get discounts on bulk purchase.