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3 Ways to Make Your Gym Jackets Work Even At the Parties

Those functional jackets aren’t “just functional” anymore. They now synonym lifestyle staples. That, of course, if you know what varieties to invest in and how to rock them anywhere and everywhere with the right bottom (and attitude).

The gym jackets, no more are they reserved just for your sweaty workout sessions. They can make you look wow-worthy even at the Saturday night parties or Sunday afternoon brunch, even on casual Tuesdays at your office.

How? If only you know about the gym jackets online you should invest in and how to style them decently.

We’re here to help!

Here are 3 ways to make your gym jackets work like perfect daily wear, whether to parties or casual hangouts-

Prioritize quality at the very top

Unless you want your gym stench at parties and everywhere, prioritize the quality of your gym jackets online at the top. The outwear must have active wicking and ventilation properties that keep you dry and fresh, without holding any sweat stink to it. The better the quality, the better will you (and the people around you) feel when swagging it outside the gym.

NEVER pair them with shorts outside the gym

When not hitting weights, never pair your gym jackets with gym shorts. The look is too casual and doesn’t work well everywhere. Denim is your best and safe shot; chinos can work well when at any formal setup. Also about footwear, avoid sports shoes; classy leather ones will take you a long way.

Layer with round-neck tees; keep it zipped up

Be careful of the small things. Always go with contrasting crewneck t-shirts. Don’t always leave the zipper open; change it according to the situation. Full zipped up is much more formal and assures to add a suave flavor to your appearance. Also, ensure that the size of the outwear fits you well and that it’s not baggy.

Keep these 3 important pointers in mind and rock your gym jackets, not just at the gym, but anywhere and everywhere. It saves you the hassle of “what to wear there” and, of course, the cost of purchasing so many different outwears for different occasions.