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4 Cooked-Up Meanings Of Custom Clothing That Strictly Needs To Change In 2017

Whether you like it or not, there is a significant part of the global population that is still waking up to the meaning of custom clothing per se. Many in this lot harbour ideas and notions about this form of apparels and accessories, some of which strictly don’t apply at all. In fact, many of these beliefs have kept people away from accessing the pure joy of owing a piece or two of custom wear which could otherwise have enriched their wardrobes.

custom claothing wholesale

Considering the overwhelming misunderstanding of custom apparels, clothing manufacturers especially those in USA in general have done their bit to educate the lot about what to expect and what not to expect from custom wear per se…

Your name, it does not have to be there all the time

While it is true that customisation has its own unique persona designed in favour of the wearers, it does not necessarily mean that a certain name will be printed in the front, back, collars or sleeves of the apparel. The same goes for logos and specific prints as well. In very simple words, all apparels with the wearers names printed on it are customised while all customised apparels do not necessarily have names on them.

Bedazzlement is optional

Customised clothes have nothing to do with bedazzlement. There may have been a time when bling was introduced to the clothes of unique wearers in many different forms, but the phase is gone by over 3 decades. On the other hand, a pristine khaki dress coat with nothing bling on it but designed to suit the personal tastes of the wearers can qualify as custom created. Basically, it is something that you will not find hanging by the dozens in common retail outlets.

No… it does not have to be the Chinese silk or Egyptian cotton

While custom clothing usually sports very high quality fabric, it is never a qualifying criterion. In fact, good old polyester can also form the basic material for custom sports apparels that many custom clothing manufacturers from all over the world may already be indulging in. therefore, to believe that custom clothes is greater than or equal to designer wear would be wrong.

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Custom clothing comes in all shapes and sizes and in all forms for all occasions whatsoever. For those who believe that custom clothing is always restricted to crisp cut evening wear dress clothing, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. For all you know the PJ’s you wear while lounging at home could be custom created to suit your tastes.