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4 Quirky Gym Shorts That Can Be Worn As a Casual Piece!

First, to begin with, gym shorts are very comfortable and are widely accepted as the right pair when working out. These pairs are the perfect representation of a subtle combination between functionality and fashion. Finding a balance can be a very difficult thing to do, but once you so, hold on to it like a treasure. Apart from the fact that the gym shorts are constructed to wick sweat and keep you feeling relaxed, they are perfect for casual style.

During the recent seasons, enthusiasts decided to move away from the traditional colors and textures used to build gym shorts and make it a little more interesting. Thus, they threw in some of the trendy prints and patterns of the season, only to create something breathtakingly stunning (with no compromise in the department of comfort).

Following up on them, here is a list of four prints incorporated with the gym shorts that you need to have in your wardrobe right now. They are extremely adaptable and look great, even outside the gym. Read on and stand out in your gym.


Stripes are definitely in this season. Thus, it is of no surprise that striped gym shorts have become so sought after. They are trendy to look at and can be teamed with any and almost all other casual clothing. Team them with a simple tee in a solid color and complete the look with a pair of sneakers. This combination is perfect when going for a quick cup of coffee with friends.

Color Block

Fashion reached its peak when the color block pattern was introduced for the first time. The smart combination of two shades perfectly complements each other and enhances the overall look of the apparel they are used on. Gym shorts in color blocks can be found in abundance these days. They can be worn with a plain t-shirt and flip-flops for a winner appearance at a casual gathering with friends.

Floral Prints

Okay, so if you think that wearing floral prints is feminine, consider your thoughts again. If coupled correctly, floral shorts can look macho. All you need to do is pick a polo t-shirt for that extra dose of conventionalism. You can further complete the ensemble by wearing a pair of loafers that will render you ready for a perfect summer day out.

Abstract Geometry Prints

Another print that has been sharing a fair amount of spotlight, abstract geometric prints on gym shorts is worth the investment. They are here to stay! From squares to circles, diagonal lines to intangible patterns, the variety is vast and staggering. You can team them with a bright tee if you are planning to experiment with the appearance. A pair of sneakers in white and you are good to step out the door!

Thus, choose the shorts which you like the most, the one which matches your temperament, and makes a distinctive appearance in the gym as they will surely compliment you on your funky choice, breaking away from the traditions. Reputed retailers have gym shorts as a part of a vast catalog that can be purchased by you at reasonable and affordable prices.