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4 Ways the 70’s Clothing Style Made a Stellar Comeback

Fashion is dynamic and changes more often than expected. With era-defining work hitting the circuit, most of the last year and this year have been devoted to bringing back the popular pieces from the previous eras back. The 70’s was one of those eras when fashion was at its best. Latest designs were hitting the world, redefining the fashion scenario.

So how could they not come back?

Now that they are back, here is all you need to know about the pieces you need to have right now. These four pieces have seen their best and will continue their journey.

Comeback 1: Corduroy

Corduroy is the poster child of fashion from the 70’s. There are nothing more inherently 70’s than corduroy. It is the plush fabric that works well for the colder months of the year. But the real catch is, corduroy can be worn as a piece of pant or as a suit too, thus adding much to their overall appeal. Whether you want it bold or want to keep it discreet, this season, there is no running away from corduroy. However, to not let the fabric completely overwhelm you, you need to get the fit right. When wearing it as a suit, make sure to keep the fit relax and team it with nice collar t-shirt. For pants, trouser-style cut out with enough leg space is what you should be aiming for.

Comeback 2: Silk Shirts

Remember all the gangsters’ movies that came during the 70’s? There was something common about them all. The villain would usually be dressed in quirky silk shirts that in its bright extravagance would stand out high. But modern men opted for lighter versions with less extravagance on the show. However, there has been a recent shift to the older versions, thanks to the comeback that 70’s style made. With bold prints doing all the talk, these silk versions of button downs can be easily teamed with a pair of black trousers, coats and Chelsea boots. Sexy and racy!

Comeback 3: Knitted sweater

Top clothing manufacturer did not let the opportunity of bringing 70’s style back slip by. And knitted sweaters are the perfect examples of the fixation that people have over the 70’s. It almost makes everyone nostalgic, but patterned sweaters and jumpers, thanks to a turn of events, have become the hot property of today. While the make and fabric remain intact, it is only the modern fit that is different about them. For a crisp look, team them with structured suit and derby. On the casual forefront, wear them over a polo shirt and black chinos and loafers for heightened impact.

Comeback 4: Wide leg trousers

Wide leg trousers are the latest piece on the block. Very 70’s in nature, this pleated variety in a serious and basic shade is everything you need to get you through the next few months of the year. It is a very bold move that needs to you hit the bull’s eye for an amplified appearance. A simple crew neck sweater and a pair of trainers is the right approach to it, as you can never get it wrong. To balance out the wide leg trousers and not make it look like dad-clothing, make sure that the fit and length of the sweater should be short.

With a number of private label clothing manufacturers putting considerable thoughts on how to bring back the 70’s fashion back, the effortless portrayal can be perfected by a little put forth by you. it is not difficult, just a little thoughtful. So this season, make sure you add these clothes to your wardrobe and reminiscent an era that we all love and adore. At least on the fashion front!

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