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4 Ways To Wear Sublimated Clothing Formally

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

If you think office apparels are all about monotonous, plain dresses, suits and jackets, then it’s time we mend our views. With changing time, the way we dress up at office, the way of dealing at offices, everything has seen a major change. Don’t worry if you still consider yourself an old school at office for after reading this article, you will surely be able to find a newer and effortlessly fashionable you!

In this article, we have presented to you ways in which you can style your sublimated clothing to office—

Dress and Blazers Rock

You can ditch your single toned dresses to sublimated dresses at office. What you can do to neutralize its glam quotient is team them up with single toned blazers and jackets. Make sure that the jacket is well cut and properly structured, and the dress is either peplum or body con! Pencil dresses with sublimated designs work wonders too! Play with your high heels and bags as also with your hairstyle. Since it’s a smart casual look, you can play with different neat to messy hairstyles as well!

Jacket it Up Grandly:

Well, while many people will either think of pulling a sublimated dress or a sublimated pair of pants at office, you can actually ditch both and settle for sublimated print in jackets! But for that make sure you are wearing monotonous dresses and the prints on the jackets or blazers are quite classy as well. Wear heels and play with your bags! But always make sure of not going over the top!

For Parties, Wear Sublimated Pants:

Sublimated pants, rather sublimated tights, and look indeed great and vivacious when team with nice tunics and tops. Since it’s a party wear that we are talking about, you can definitely bring out your sky high heels with blings and accessorize the whole outfit with long chains and other blingy jewelries. But make sure the top isn’t too blingy otherwise you may just end up going overboard. You may get some great sublimated tights from the sublimation clothing manufacturers.

Tee It Up:

Wear sublimated tee shirt along with great and smooth linen trousers and similar colored jacket at your office, and be the style star. Both men and women may try this look. In fact, women can even swap the trousers for a pencil skirt too! Looks great and chic always!