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5 Clothing Care Items College Students Should Have

As a college student, you might be either following or totally ignoring the latest fashion trends. What you must know, however, is that fashion is what comes and goes but your style is what matters as well as the way you wear what you have. It is hard to deny that college life is always hectic, which means that you need some clothing care items that are comfortable, reliable, and affordable at the same time. It also brings up an important topic of taking care of what you have as you do not want to have your favorite dress or a hoodie to wear out and look bad.

5 Clothing Care Items College Students Must Consider

1. Table Top Ironing Board.

You must look for foldable ironing boards if you have enough space for them. Make sure that you choose quality solutions that have no sharp edges and contain enough inlay to withstand the heat without leaving the stains. Remember to watch your time and do not get distracted by phone messages or any other tasks. Speaking of time, if you feel stressed and lost with a college task, consider places that write papers for you. It will help you to focus on other things and approach your clothing care with no stress.

2. Quality Steam Iron.

You can choose either Rowenta or Philips if you want to keep within quality solutions and still maintain safety. Steam iron is not a piece of clothing care where you should choose cheaper solutions because things like filtration systems and water control come at a certain price point. Purchasing a quality steam iron is a must-have for every college student these days who wants to keep his or her clothes safe.

3. Garment Steamer.

Without a doubt, having an ironing board is not always an option when your space is greatly limited as is often the case with college students. If you have no ironing skills or feel frightened or spoiling that fancy shirt, think about a compact garment steamer. This won’t cost you a fortune and will let you get your clothes ready in a few minutes. It takes about one minute to heat up and you can work with delicate silks and even those rare cloth items like coats or hats made of cashmere.

4. Stain Remover Pen.

Almost every college student will encounter at least one coffee accident or those times when you have pasta drop on your shirt! Think about using stain remover pens that have been a saving grace for decades. A good example is the offering by Tide (Go-To) that you can carry around to remove the stains. It may not work well with grass or ink stains, yet anything that relates to food and drinks will work well! In certain cases, however, you may need to let your clothes soak first if you have an opportunity

5. Sewing Kit.

You might remember how your mother or grandmother would bring out that old sewing kit to fix your clothes in an instant after you have been running around or had a bike accident. These days you can buy awesome sewing kits that will include needle-threaders and all the necessary to fix that button that pops off or fix a rip when you are getting ready for an important meeting. Even if you are not planning to join top fashion universities, learning how to use the sewing kit is easy and you will quickly get along with it!

Learn To Manage Your Fashion Style

It does not matter if you are a college beauty queen, an Instagram influencer, or just someone who wants to get through the day without looking odd. The trick is to know what you have available and dress accordingly by wearing your clothes accurately. If you are planning to be active or have fun at a party where drinks may be spilled or food thrown around by accident, dress accordingly. If you plan a romantic date, think about wearing something that will match your style. This way you will be able to make a safe choice and avoid getting your most precious clothes damaged!

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