5 Must-Try Looks For Every Day Of The Week : Men Take A Look!

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5 Must-Try Looks For Every Day Of The Week : Men Take A Look!

A week that reflects your personal style statement sounds like fun and something that you should try immediately. But what exactly are you about to try? Don’t worry; this is not another ice bucket challenge. All you need is to get the best of the pieces you have out of your dingy closet and put them on in simple couplings. The below-mentioned looks are simple but worthy enough of your attention. Here is a comprehensive list given that states how to dress with utmost panache every day of the week. (Okay, the weekends are not included for you can wear nothing at all, no one will complain!)

Keep reading and keep learning. And obviously, implementing!

Monday –

Okay, so the first day of the week is always annoying, especially if you have had a nice long weekend. No wonder it is called the Monday Blues. Since your hangover will be difficult to cope with and walking to the wardrobe will be a task you don’t want to achieve, let’s keep the ensemble simple. Your grey hoodie teamed with a pair of beige chinos and plimsolls will be effective and effortless. Throw over a nice piece of field jacket on top to keep yourself from freezing outside. With minimal effort, you get the perfect Monday outfit that still lets you channel your style statement.

Tuesday –

Tuesdays are not that bad when compared to the day before. You are sober, but down with loads of work pressure. So keep your sartorial expedition limited to fashionable pieces put together in a minimalistic establishment. Tuck your flannel shirt (okay we go with the autumn trend as well) in a tailored piece of trousers. Hold the outfit together using a simple leather belt. Keep the shades subtle (red and black/ blue and black, whichever works for you). Loafers for footwear and an overcoat for outerwear, you will be good to go.

Wednesday –

The midweek extravagance feels great. You know you are down by two days and within two days; bliss will be your companion again. For comfort purposes and also for their versatile appeal, go for a semi-casual athleisure ensemble. Pick your black jogger to look conventional. Team it with your denim shirt and a nice trench coat, all in lighter versions to maintain the semblance. A pair of loafers will complete your attire and give you the required panache. Wholesale men’s clothing manufacturers have the best denim shirts displayed in their inventory.

Thursday –

It’s Thursday! Finally! It is time to rejoice the almost end of the week. Dress crazy. Oh, no, wait! You still have the dressing code to follow. Don’t worry, there is always a way to

Friday –

come out of that without having to sulk. Pick your white solid t-shirt and wear it with a bright flannel shirt in red. A pair of beige chinos and plimsolls will complete the look with utmost bravura. To give it a formal touch, use a trench coat on top in black. Sexy and effortless! Complain if girls don’t give you the glance.

The last day of the week is the blessing we all wait for. Guessing that you will be going to a party directly from your workplace, wear something that retorts to the dressing etiquette yet looks complete for the after-office scenes. Slip into a pair of slim fit jeans and team a black dress shirt with it. Use your textured overcoat as the icing on the top for this simple but highly impactful party ensemble. A pair of loafers and you will be good to be the stand out in the crowd.

So, what are you still thinking about?

Get your fashion game high with the above-mentioned sartorial assemblages and impress the onlookers. Don’t let the cold dampen your fashion spirits. Let it out with the vigor.

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