sublimation clothing manufacturers

sublimation clothing manufacturers


5 Reasons Why You Can Bank Your Faith On Sublimation T Shirts

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

The evolution of prints on T shirts has been seemingly remarkable. With the latest addition in the form of sublimation, the quality of printed of clothing per se has leaped way up beyond usual expectations. With more and more providers embracing this evolved printing technology, the other forms of printing on T shirts may soon become ancient history.

Here are 5 reasons why sublimation T shirts per se have gained thorough popularity and also why you can bank your faith completely on these options as compared with the others available in the market…

1) Durability Of Prints Enabling Rough Usage–

This is where the technology behind sublimation comes into play. Here, the ink is injected right into the fabric and not allowed to lie caked on the surface of the material. Thus, the hold of the colors is better which does not deteriorate with rough usage.

It does not chip, crack or peel which is common with other forms of printing. This keeps the entirety of the designs / logos or any print on sublimated tees for that matter complete and intact for a long time to come.

2) Best For Fitness And Sports –

The fact that the prints are not laid caked on the surface plays its part in making any sublimated T shirt breathable. Thus, these options are completely compatible with any type of sports and fitness practice which enhances body heat production and causes a lot of perspiration.

In fact, your chances of collapsing on the field on a hot summer day can get lessened by a certain percentage on wearing these T shirts compared with their ordinary counterparts.

3) Easily Maintenance –

T shirts with usual fabric painting or other forms of caked paints need special attention when it comes to washing and ironing. This is mainly because these prints are likely to chip, crack or peel with hand and machine-wash followed by wringing. With ironing, the ordinary prints can melt and spill all over. Dry cleaning, thus, remains as the only option.

Sublimated shirts are free of all these vices. You can wash them the way you wish and wring them with all your muscle power yet have the prints bright and intact.

4) Can Be Applied To All Materials –

This is one of the reasons why these printing options are absolutely loved and adored by sublimation clothing manufacturers. Because the technology is not material specific, the scope of usage of the technology is wide. With one technology fitting all, the providers can control their costs thoroughly on production.

5) Worth The Money Spent –

Last but not the least, these options are worth all the money spent on it. Options like sublimation black T shirts have in fact; become a wardrobe staple of a chunk of the population who are ready to own a top-wear they can always fall back upon.