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5 Types of Men’s Clothing That Women Find Really Attractive!

When you dress up for a date, you definitely try to wear something that will attract your lady, right?

Because you know that putting on the wrong clothes on your first date might turn your girl off and she might refuse to meet you again.

Now that the wholesale clothing suppliers are coming up with the latest designs of men’s clothes, you have more options to choose from, depending on your personality.

So, here is what you should wear to attract your woman on the first date.

Men With Great Taste In Shoes Are Truly Attractive:

Women like men who wear great shoes. Your shoes will be the first thing she will notice. So, make sure you are wearing a nice clean pair of shoes. Go for the leather or stylish sports shoes. Your shoes will radiate your personality. If you are laid back and fun, you will automatically be drawn to sneakers and canvas shoes. But if you are a serious one, then you will be fond of formal shoes.

Show Off Your Ankle:

Yes, showing off a little bit of your mankles (man + ankle) is downright attractive. Earlier, showing ankle was taken as an indecent exposure. But now girls are just crazy about mankles. So, choose the right shoes that will expose a little bit of your ankles and roll up your trousers.

White Shirt And Blue Denims:

This is an all-time favourite and any woman can fall for a guy who is wearing a clean white shirt with a pair of denim. So, if you want to impress your girl on the first date, then you can opt for this combo.


Chinos are great for its versatility. It can look good with almost anything. Be it a shirt or a t-shirt, you can pair it up with your favorite outfit. You can pick any colour as the wholesale men’s clothing suppliers have brought a wide variety of shades in chinos. But if you need suggestion, then navy, sand and olive green are some of the best colours you can have. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual outing, a cool pair of chinos with a rolled up bottom will surely turn a woman on.

The Collarless Shirts:

So, you can dress up with the above style ideas. If you are in retail business, contact your wholesale clothing suppliers and order for the latest men’s clothes to upgrade your store.